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A picture of a thousand words and histories only in Israel.

Israel Information Center Ithaca Facebook page’s marketing education component network on Israeli’s diverse societies and governmental institutions of how public policy is developed and the various programs offered. Moreover, there will be critical issues which will be focused. IE. Arab – Israeli Reconciliations. None the less, responsible advocates of the Jewish State of Israel must likewise take on additional advocacy of representing Israeli diverse societies, and the priorities involved to promote Arab – Israeli Reconciliations.

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Why ?

Israeli culture is the most complex make up of different observances, cultural norms, attitudes, practices which emerged from several ethnicities, and cohesion to varied personal value systems which can not be found anywhere except in The Jewish State of Israel. As a nation the Israelis have defied to the world that no one can define who they are. They have discovered among themselves, as a peoples, are together in an unending human path of real human discovery each and everyone with personal convictions who are still adjusting , even right now, to each other in search of greater national goals.

Democracy finding is how such cultural adjustments are being brought about, while additional cautions are taken as part of how the Israelis have defined of what it means to be an adult, The resulting individual impacted by self – recognitions and fears of extinction pressed upon their own existence. and with still outside forces seeking to push them back into path of destruction have maintained an internal national awareness that in spite of their internal, and at times passionate differences, even those which are very personal, they must remain united; this is their own means of survival. Thus politically Israeli behavior is still undergoing revolutions to codify what they as a peoples who are in the throes of national liberation have only discovered thus so far.

For those outside political pundits on The Israeli political scene, their views are extremely limited to only a set of mere guesses, as they have not understood the Israeli nationhood is still in its founding stages, Thus liberation means a still process of revolutions created by the greatest national journey to reemerge the lost foundations of the Israel civilization, returned, or Mesorah, of linking Jewish nationhood to being self – dependent to finally to be Jewish,,,,,,, AND FREE TO DO SO!

Every Israeli who is conscious of their own ethnic heritages are vested with innate tears imprinted by historic extinctions, how they were historically manifested, and therefore in reflection of their national liberation to fight back creating passionate external behaviors promoting human celebrations with vigor and purpose. WE will LIVE to be FREE with fullness of LIFE.

Their unity revolves around how the Arab world behavior towards their existence, meaning the destruction of all forms of Jewish self – determination, and even of being Jewish has forced once extinct aspects of Ancient Jewish – Israel related forms of civilization of a once being an self – dependent independent civilization to become their national imperative of both social and political discoveries. In the ends of established and known discoveries as being a peoples resultant, likewise, means the reemergence of The Temple Culture, their central connection to a Jewish Jerusalem, destroyed by The Ancient Roman Empire as the Israeli spiritual culture and observing Jewish communities are on their own path of discovery.. The impact of which has transcended them as a ethnic and religious observing peoples into its present set of coalition behaviors which makes their internal organizations possible, to bring life and full human passions of finally acting like a unified Jewish peoples extracted from within a very, very, very tough neighborhood by National Liberation into a Jewish, then Israeli International Self – dependent civilization.

The imperatives which brought about the emergence of The Jewish State of Israel are all based upon a peoples desire to express their Jewish aspirations and expectations for a more fuller life – where the struggle for acceptance of being Jewish is never questioned or brought up, but being Jewish is fully liberated. That the scourge of acceptance finding which is the bane of Jewish communities who live among other nations are completely absent within the Jewish State. The Holocaust reflects how in the throes of acceptance finding, the various Jewish communities, their Jewish identities among other nations were marginalize to the extent in which genocide as a form of state craft was able to inflict mass murder upon whole segments of European Jewry. The emergence of The Jewish State of Israel is now destroying the impact of very deep psyche such imprinted negative behavioral emotional traits within those who made Aliyah, and their central human drives are slowly being redeveloped in which being Jewish are all never marginalized; the Israeli peoples single imperative, which in the Israeli point of view, such aspects of imposed marginalization of being Jewish have all proven to be the path to extinction. In addition, that singularity of being a Jewish Israeli completely liberates Jewish feelings of personalized existence from such outside forces who attempts to force themselves to be a power over their individual and personal Jewish lives, faith, and peoples. The full power of being Jewish is solely determine by oneself as being Jewish. This is the single justification of the ” JEWISH ” State of Israel.

The dramatic small size of the country, its culture spreads out from many different bases, all of which will can not be fully be addressed in this introduction.

To make a journey into Israeli culture is to take a trip into the furthest depths of the psyche of its people – precisely what this Facebook attempts to likewise focus on the varied emerging cultural norms within The Jewish State of Israel aims to do. Before such an undertaking, however, a number of background elements need to be pointed out. Never to violate or diminish The Thirteen Principles of Jewish Faith…..For once The National Liberation of The Jewish Peoples fully brings about the redevelopment of lost Jewish – Israeli centric institutions necessary to link being Jewish – Israeli to being a complete Self – Dependent and very viable civilization, the world itself will discover, only afterwards, it too will become free. Hatred of the Jewish peoples has made the world being enslaved and chained to its own destruction by tyrannies known, ie, Nazism, and those who are unknown.

Can Ithaca create a Garinim B’Aretz ?

The defining moment of your life is dependent on how you are allowed to secure the future building blocks which guarantees your and yours spouse happiness..

Examine, therefore, the term Garin –

Once you feel a connection then you have started to dream of a future destiny.

Thus your labor and qualified developed skills are likewise needed to complete the Israel destiny to become whole united and environmental secured

PUBLIC GROUP • 183 MEMBERSYisroel – The land of milk and honey

Is The 14 Centuries Old Inter – Semitic Middle East Conflicts – Disputes Coming to An End ?

The Middle East Conflict is the Neo – Colonial Non – Semitic inflammation of 14 centuries ole Inter – Semitic conflicts between the Mizrachi Jewish Middle East Community and the Arab Middle East Community.

Focus One:

Israel Information Center Ithaca

The Ottoman Curse.

To those who are really thinkers and truth finders the word Palestine is Neo – Colonial in intent to inspire Arab disunity; this is Central to why Non – Semitic interests are the first to support Palestine over Israel as further leverage to maintain their influence within the Arab world. In this European and Iranian Interest – not to mention in ironies of ole Empires remnants recent adventure of Turkey – really do not want to see a Single Arab State to emerge. Moreover Palestine is emotionally linked within the core Fatah to Black Septembers and thus with a state will mean the end of Jordan as an Independent Arab State. The refugees in the camps are hostages to produce International cooperation to destroy the Arabs internally as an independent civilization by the Anti – Semitic Blackmail; thus inflaming the centuries old conflicts between the Jewish Mizrachi Middle East Community and the Arab Middle – East Community.

This is central – imperative – those to who support Israel must be respectful to the Arab peoples and recognize they – the Arabs themselves – have a more difficult road to create unity under the Blackmail of Arabs who are oppressed by being refugees in the campus among themselves in areas controlled by Arabs. The device of disunity is the Non -Semitic influences to maintain their continued refugee status.

Thus the curse of the Ottoman Empire rises.

The Definitive Proposition to End the Inter – Semitic Centuries Old Conflict of the Middle East.

As per a Private Facebook created for the purpose of ,,,,,,

This is very, very, very, Private Sector participation towards conciliation which is needed within the Jewish / Israeli and Arab populations within the West Bank of what later will be Judea and Samaria the Jewish State of Israel, Thus to promote the nullification of Inter -Semitic centuries old Sectarian Conflicts initiated between the Mizrachi and Arab Peoples. Moreover, to identify those who promote such Inter – Semitic conflicts as singularly being Sectarianist as a unified definitive of being Anti – Semitic by their promotion of arm conflicting struggles – whether such conflicts are Inter – Ethnic, or Inter – Semitic.

Therefore two outstanding issues:


Thus to resolve such conflicts is a matter of revolution to throw off the chains of sectarianism by the sole proposition is the individual personal rights of both property – thus the house and lands thereof – and personal ownership of family developed business assets, and the establishment of reciprocity and reparations to both the Mizrachi, and Arabs who became – thus were or are now refugees.

That status as refugees is based on the conditions of being refugees – meaning both Mizrachi Jewish Members , and Arabs – during the era of their population transits between 1940 to 1967. Such sub-issues as pertaining to reciprocity and reparations to be decided between those who were in transit during the era defined only, and to be discussed through established meetings and social media contacts.


Private Sector meaning setting up business correlation ‘ ships necessary to created corporate partnerships, and trades, This also involves co community development in as much each has the ability to communicate to their respected communities what is needed to successfully complete a corporate development contract, It is in the development of Business Contracts which is far more advantageous than any Peace agreement within this tough neighborhood known as the Middle East.

Private Sector includes established friendships, and joint family invitational celebration events only.It is in the experiences and the additional economic codependency which leads to what any Peace accord is to entail, and by which the political process becomes the end of the process and not its origins; thus stabilized behavior is already established and thereby the ratified agreements will have optimal political success on both peoples, Such agreements in relationships to equal status within Erez Yisroel, and equal access to opportunities as well, 

How to join this group will e defined in the following posts.

The Centrality of The Middle East Conflicts are ‘ Economic Inert ‘ to the growing ‘ Historic ‘Arab Poverty.

There were two migrations, and one indigenous nationalist claim to Eretz Yisroel.

One is the Mizrachi Indigenous Nationalist Jewish Peoples whose national character suffered under the yoke of oppression denying both their equal civil rights, and self – determination while living for centuries side by side with other peoples in the Middle East – mainly living with the Arabs.

The two migrations in which one was based on Zionism, and the other, the central cause ignored by all interest involve was based on growing levels of Arab poverty,

Note; The factor is ‘ how ‘Zionism has been used to over shadow of how the Mizrachi are / were oppressed, and suffered – at times humiliation – subjugation by principals whose beliefs is Islam. Suspected also is from the Mizrachi themselves in how the European Zionist inspired movements ignored that they, the Mizrachi are the ‘ primary ‘ principle justifications in the reemergence of Israel as a Jewish nation – not the Zionists. This factor alone allowed the Arab public and then follow up political relations to be successful to remove Mizrachi from the International scene as the legitimate Mizrachi ‘ Jewish ‘ claims. As such claims represents their regional national roots are indigenous to the Middle East which is both historically recorded by the Arabs themselves and established in how the Dhimmi was the ethnic treaties of how the Mizrachi are as a defeated nation are/ were to be stripped of all political and full civil equal rights. Repeat as a defeated nation centuries long since past. This is the documented center of Inter – Semitic centuries old conflicts within the Middle East between two ethnic Semitic Cousins – the Mizrachi and the Arabs.

The trigger of arm conflicts was Arab poverty and until recently ignored by the existing political cultures who are rooted in their narcissist Euro – Western Power blocks with now the Asians entering the scene.

The single indicator of how this was accomplished is how local Arab thugs were able to gain arms to control their regions supplied and inspired by Non – Semitic Peoples. These arms allowed those who carried them food on the table and a marginal living standard thereby escaping the dominate Arab poverty.

Thus the follow investigative article….


• Poverty rates in the Middle East are as much as four times higher than previously assumed

• About 250 million people out of 400 million across 10 Arab countries, or two-thirds of the total population, were classified as poor or vulnerable

• “Mass pauperization” in the Middle East makes the region the most unequal in the world

• A poor family in the Middle East today will remain poor for several generations

• With governments in the Middle East unable to deliver basic services and opportunities, young people are turning to religious, sectarian, and ethnic organizations like Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood to fill the void

How Poverty and Inequality Are Devastating the Middle East

Hundreds of millions of people are ensnared in a cycle of poverty, despair, and hopelessness that will haunt the region for generations to comeRami G. Khouri, September 12, 2019

News reports and political leaders’ statements on refugees, terrorism, migrants, and sectarian wars tend to dominate discussions about conditions in the Middle East. The actual situation is actually far worse, because deep below these surface manifestations of our distress lurks a much more destructive force that contributes to the terrible events we witness daily — a force that has started to tear the region apart from the inside. Poverty and inequality are the twin anchors of an inexorably damaging dynamic that ultimately sends tens of millions of families into agonizing cycles of vulnerability, helplessness, marginalization, and, in many cases, alienation from their state and society.

The absolute extent of poverty and inequality in Arab lands has been quantified in recent years, thanks to research by organizations like the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the World Bank, and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), as well as research supported by Carnegie Corporation of New York. As we are learning, rates of poverty and vulnerability in the Arab region are much higher than had been previously thought.

The Reality of Anti – Semitism Defined, and the Arab nation is also are prime victims themselves – like the Jewish Peoples.

The reality unfolding into all out possibility of a full war looms over the Middle East.

Thus a new group rule which will go beyond FB Standards..

In Case of War.

Both posts and comments are not to allow abusive language in any form and should reflect the real tragedy in which both Jewish Israelis and Arabs are likewise victims of Anti – Semitism.

Facebook is not the proper platform in which the descriptive implied in this rule should be effectively presented; for Facebook is a remarkable achievement as a business.. Remember always while making all statements you are using a PRIVATE sector business and in order to maintain its dominance it can not become politically centered.

With that stated – none the less – Europe and the remnants of its Anti-Semitic elements based in its nationalist ethnic foundations do not want a competing power in the Middle East to emerge. Thus a portion of their leadership have been very successful to entice the continuation of two Semitic peoples into militant armed expansion of centuries old Inter – Semitic conflicts…. There are others who likewise does not want to see either a unified Arab nation — its nationalists ends of a single Arab state — nor anything which hints of the emergence of a self – sustaining Jewish Israel nation — its progression into a single nationalist Jewish state.

The real cause of future wars in the Middle East is that blunt and its central for its prevention; for the involve indigenous regional ethnic Semitic cousins needs each other in order to survive the treachery of Anti – Semitism…..

The real fear they — The Euro – Western Anti-Semitic interests and their American supporters — have is the unification of both World Jewry and the Rise of the Single Arab State together within the Middle East.

Thus defining their dependence on getting Iran involve.

Who are the refugees – one view – The forgotten peoples in their living realities.

Double jeopardy is what describes a more accurate picture of the plight of Arab refugees.

First is how they became refugees.

Second is their second class citizenship to the adjacent Arab community to their temporary homes, as they are hoping to leave, residencies known as the Arab Refugee Camps.

Thus enter this article.

“Stephen Sallah These Palestinian officials, in other words, would rather see their people continue living in devastating poverty as refugees rather than improve their living conditions and search for new opportunities in Western countries. They want millions of Palestinians to remain stuck in refugee camps so that the Palestinian leadership can continue milking the world for money. The assault on the woman triggered a wave of condemnations by Palestinian activists, who took to social media to express outrage over the Palestinian leadership’s decision to use force against Palestinian refugees. The Palestinians who protested outside the PA embassy in Beirut, however, seem somewhat dubious that this new American money will go into the right hands. The protesters have been in Lebanon for several years now and the Palestinian leadership has done precious little to assist them. Judging from experience, it is safe to assume that the Palestinians in Lebanon would be lucky to see a single dollar of the Biden administration’s new aid package. This is what happens when Western donors shower money on a corrupt and ruthless Palestinian leadership that sends its thugs to beat up starving refugees who are begging for help.”.

The Israeli Economy Re-engages

There are at times where one must throw out logic, and look at the human consequences.
What brought on the Covid – 19 pandemic crisis ?.
Yet, the Israelis saw it as an enemy to be destroyed, like others who sought Israel’s destruction.
Immediately Gantz, with the title of being the next Prime Minister near in his political goals, reflected his Jewish – Israeli response, he must work with BibI in forming a unity government. There amazing aspects is that later the Blue and White discovered the real attentions of their Arab partners; their Anti – Jewish cleansing of any reference of the political entity of Jewish being attached to a state to which they were elected.
Suddenly the lockdown, and immediate mobilization of the Israeli Defense Forces with unified attachments to Israel’s remarkable unity Health and Welfare national systems. Note, therefore in addition, the unity Israeli Health systems includes Arabs, and Palestinians. One now can see the hand of ” General Gantz ” behind this.
As the majority of those recent Israeli Startups, most of whom are IDF veterans and reservists, initiated their companies business plans to recapitulate the prosperous Israeli Economy they created Pre – Covid.
The attacks against the Covid – 19 carried by massive displays of unity cooperation, and slowly and constantly following up, which most experience during their disciplined IDF training, the erosion of the effects and spread of the Covid – 19 started to achieve victories. This was hard work, and no one liked the death counts of the virus, as no Jewish Israeli desires not even one death.
Now with the accomplished missions at this time prevails as so far known degree of public health safety, the command was issued.
Reengage the economy.
Fingers are now crossed everywhere, even those in the Palestinian Authority, a large sector of the Arabs they service are Israeli private sector dependent.
The aspect now, with Israeli medical systems still anxious of the resulting health impacts on Israeli society, is that Israel’s economy is the first to be engaged in both the Middle East and Europe, though Sweden took a different path. The ‘ expected ‘ impact is the recapitulation of the Israeli prosperous economy through the national unity which was / is triggered by experienced developments combating the Covid – 19 enemy.
What is understood by those who labored, and will labor as a shield against this virus is that both the Jewish ‘ National ‘ State of Israel was endanger, and the advent of a virus creating another Holocaust was self – evident through out the Israeli healthy operational focus,
With the economic strategic conscious national decision, and with other nations looking for some degree to reengage either in July, or August, the Israeli nation now stands as a world leader in global economic recovery. This sends chills through out Iran, whose physically weaken forces were thrown out of Syria by the Israeli Air Force; This is the military gift added as now Iranian backed militias, who are likewise weaken, are issued to the Golan, yet, are now trapped between health related issues, and the insanity of Iran;s global expectations,
Thus now its’ up ‘ to the Israeli Startup Economic Magnets who are given their opportunity to recapitulate the Israeli prosperous economy. A sense of unity is also deeply Internationally felt, triggering the present Economic Aliyah Wave. None the less, in their business plans the leadership of the companies they created also secured International codependent companies. by contract in mutual company developments, market access, and credits.
This, as we all are crossing our fingers, the world is going to be different when the virus is dead as the Israeli Medical Research Labs are now in the testing of vaccines; the death nail of the virus.
Stay tune,
May you and yours have every happiness … ” B.H, “
The Israeli Economy FB admin.
P.S, The Answer to the initial question. The incompetency of the Health Ministry of the Peoples Republic of China, and its native bats.