A Hate Alert:

A hate alert:
The American – European political culture is in the throes of becoming more narcissists in which various progressives have trapped themselves within their own mythical political world negating the personal rights of those who are not a part of their upper middle political class.
The foundations of the present rise of global Anti – Jewish Superstitions / Anti – Semitism grew from their, this  political class, dangerous racists mythologies about Black / African American Fathers.

Thus in this trap they have garner a portion of American Jewry within inter-economic dependencies rooted by patronage political existing employment and thus pledged loyalty .
who are …
Pro – Israël.
Every effort should be made to those who you personal know and share the following .CDC report as an opening for coalition development..
Why ?
Mythology of Black / African Fathers, its racist persona of political intent created likewise the Anti – Jewish Superstition of Israeli Jewry..

The Black Press Article.

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