Its simply a toe hold on a very wide beach to fight Anti – Semitism – thus a beginning of Nationalize American Jewry only.

The following reproduction of President Trump’s executive order — published in the previous post — is simply a beginning to engage legal protections where they are needed for American Jewry to express their beliefs. Whether those beliefs are either spiritual observances, or secular — its national tendencies — both are now within the federal arm of being protected.

The scope of American Jewry being a national identity is an ongoing effort in an attempt to find common ground; and thus there are several disputes of what is Jewish, or Israeli nationality, or not.



Trump’s order avoids this completely in as much as its intent is to back those who willing to express their Jewish views when desired to do so.

It is also certain that mainstream media wishes to complicate what is entailed in the order itself.

Simply by Trump’s acknowledge recognition through his step son’s Jewish self – views, along with his beloved daughter, and as a loving father he has accepted their views of being connected with that part of America Jewry who considers themselves as a nationality circumspected by Jewish observances.

Thus with a personal connection rooted in a portion of American Jewry the key interpretation to protect freedom of Jewish consciousness from those who attempt to forbid such public expressions and freedoms are now having limited protections as per the scope of the Civil Rights acts of 1964-. From both a perspective of a loving father, and by, likewise, recognizing a greater diversity within American Jewry, and as President, the use of nationality is legitimate Jewishly – though limited by American Jewish consensus.

Simply both the Jewish wide diversity ethos, along with its narrow construed personal Jewish choice of a national identity, both, as whole, are now equally protected.  Protected especially within American academia to public campus debates with each other of what is Jewish destiny. Thus the need to be protected, as increasingly campus administration have refused to protect both free campus Jewish expressions by administrative campus protections, and their additional responsibilities to allow free Jewish Life Styles to be a part of their campus diversities; this the real cause of Trump’s action communicated by Jewish family relations.

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