Israel: The Success of The Fourth Jewish Revolt b’ Arez.

The Israel Action Community Coming out of Pesach, and this point made here are also directly relative to the legitimate ethos of Jewish nationalism, and the ongoing development of the present reconstruction of its nationalist ends – The Nation of Israel. Here is where total [ spiritual and secular ] Jewish aspirations are finally freed from both Euro – centric, and Arab – centric enforced servitude captivity of their Non – Jewish interests to covertly assimilate their resisting Jewish populations.


Thus from the historical evidence between 1042 C.E. to the final unleashed power which was consolidate during the June 1967 War — where Mizrachi junior IDF officers were the major leaders in retaking both Judea, and Samaria/ the actual Fourth Jewish Revolt became a reality.

Israel was liberated as a nation as per the writings of Moses Hess who central views igniting the Jewish national spirit took root first in Europe and appreciated by the captive Mizrachi exploited within the Arab and Turkish world inspired by his book Rome and Jerusalem.




More important for this group is the central facts that Israel’s existence should have never dependent on the ‘ Balfour declaration ‘ but from the actual realities operating with the living day to day conditions of the Middle East enforced realities of the Dhimmi. For in the developing settlements of the late 19th century, the missing component of vision of the Euro – centric based nations led among its captive Jewish communities is that the Dhimmi was also a match of the Ole Jim Crow racist’s laws and ethos of the struggling South after its loses during the American Civil War.


The exact commonalities ruthlessly enforced was vested in LYNCHINGs of those who sought their ‘ Civil Rights ; and Political Rights to Self – Determination; this the real connection between the Civil Rights Movement, and the Fourth Jewish Revolt 1042 — the earliest notes of Mizrachi being lynched in the Middle East — to June 1967.

The central realities is that the Israelis are now coming to a self – awareness that they need no other faith or any other principals that the ones which begat their destiny which they are just discovering. For in its national purpose the objectivists within Israeli society are still in a state of cultural revolutions. yet, though slowly, are realizing the necessity of annexation. The central emergence of the Mizrachi coming to the path of shared power internally within Jewish Israelis are set to inherit the strategic keys of Israeli Nationalism as a modern national civilization.

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