Africa: Who is ‘ The Ngai ‘ Maasai Monotheism

Africans as viewed as an original righteous peoples capable to produce Independent Self – Sustainable Civilizations – by inherited righteousness of the identity as a peoples ones views, therefrom. are then transcended radically.


Africans and African American members please be advised the following is a challenge To your perceptions of Africa. The popularity of The Maasai is an example in such introspective challenges.‎The Universal Human Rights of Full Discoveries‎


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December 4 at 5:51 PM

Generated by Hollywood’s depictions and cultural backing of movie stories rooted in Africa is the emergence, and popularity of The Maasai Peoples. What is still unknown is how ” The Ngai ‘ has held a continued pivot unity, and thus with stubborn passions to remain steadfast committed to their pre – colonial life styles.
Thus one is then forced to view the family structures and additional aspects of their dynamics involved, and suddenly, one come to an answer.
Nationalist like values and the central power to one’s family set in the existing Maasai traditions.
Then one, as a direct result of viewing their aspects cultural life maintained by the centrality of the Maasai family community one the sees ‘ The Ngai ‘ may have been their Abraham like patriarch representing a vision contact which …” ” … can not be described for it is forbidden to do so. So ” The Ngai ” could be the founding patriarch of all Maasai People. That roots of resistance to adopting the visual cultural forms of the 21st century is rooted in the Maasai family tradition as ” The Ngai ” was to establish a family to one day become a nation too.
Thus the Maasai has always been monotheistic to such a degree that they, as a peoples ‘ have conquered both Christianity, and Islam by inclusion resting on the dominance of ‘ The Ngai “.
Use this perception to review the following noting an inherit western civilization bias in its descriptive of what the Maasai believe as a peoples.