A Hate Alert:

A hate alert:
The American – European political culture is in the throes of becoming more narcissists in which various progressives have trapped themselves within their own mythical political world negating the personal rights of those who are not a part of their upper middle political class.
The foundations of the present rise of global Anti – Jewish Superstitions / Anti – Semitism grew from their, this  political class, dangerous racists mythologies about Black / African American Fathers.

Thus in this trap they have garner a portion of American Jewry within inter-economic dependencies rooted by patronage political existing employment and thus pledged loyalty .
who are …
Pro – Israël.
Every effort should be made to those who you personal know and share the following .CDC report as an opening for coalition development..
Why ?
Mythology of Black / African Fathers, its racist persona of political intent created likewise the Anti – Jewish Superstition of Israeli Jewry..

The Black Press Article.


Nationalists’ Jewish Resistance to Combat Covert Assimilation. The Ethnic Liberation of American Jewry.

The Nationalist’s Resistance = Discovery..

The establishment of community Chug Chavurahs to facilitate Settlement Houses for outreach to / for unaffiliated Jewish Americans and Israelis for the purpose of developing an ethnic core community to promote The Infra State Nation of Israel. Upon which the further establishment of Israeli / Jewish ” Nationalists’ Community centers and after being  established are open to the adjacent Jewish Community memberships. That upon completion of the Settlement House to the final construction of Israeli Jewish Nationalists’ Community Centers the identity of such acquired becomes Jewish Israel / US Israelis.


The core citizenship of being an Israeli is the World Jewry role model for all in the Jewish diaspora.  Thus in The United States is the Gal Gadot challenge as she presents herself as a Jewish role model as well.

The defining aspect of citizenship as a model resistance to covert assimilation, and thereby maintained personal Jewish Rights and Heritages:
The creation of such a community, the necessity, and extension of developing core leadership is the development of role model citizenship responsibilities to join the local National Guard Units / Military Reserves in which the military culture
[ Which also may include certain degrees of secret security clearances.] of Unit Cohesion is therefore, becomes transcended into Pro – Self Security Community Cohesion, and a define Pro – Nationalists’ leadership as well – with established standings within American internal security { I.E. The National Security Agency }.

The central immediate benefit is the positive impact of future employers accepting resumes which have a service record to be at the head of the list to be hired. This likewise mimics The Israeli Private sector as well which includes US Military service in the same interests hiring those who served in The Israeli Defense Forces.
The overall objective is to Marry Jewish, and to advance Jewish child
rearing cultural futures as well as to create a cultural outreach,
The ” Prime Cultural Outreach “..
Mesorah field operations, to counter the escalation rates of Mix Jewish – Non Jewish Marriages by direct action in which to bring the Non Jewish spouse into the Jewish fold with cooperation of the Orthodox Young Israel Movement.
Therefrom and wherefore Credit Unions are then created and their US Israel sponsored housing projects establishes an extended community from either memberships from the local Settlement House, or Israel / Jewish Nationalists’ Community Centers.  In addition both Reconstruction [ for those of more secular observances ], and Young Israel congregations will be the two alternatives as suggested only of each member to choose and therefore promoted. At the core of The Nationalists’ resistance is the central rally to The Thirteen Principles of Jewish Faith for ” All ” American Jewry.

That in such Nationalists’; development by and for individual ” Birthrights ‘ are Auto Jewish Israelis of The Jewish State of Israel.

All the above has been obtained by reviews with both social networks of Twitters, Facebook pages / groups, and others.   They also give vivid importance to the PEW reviews, and why the conference between Israelis and American Jewry failed in Atlanta, Georgia.


This article is their Nationalists’ consensus of resistance and how such resistance is viewed in the promotion of The Ethnic Liberation [ The rise of a Jewish private sector by marketing cultural industrial goods and services ] of American Jewry and ” Birthrights  Aliyah ”

Thus Settlement Houses also becomes each community’s garinim [ with business plans for startups. ] to produce additional settlements, or industries in The Jewish State of Israel and the future unification of American Jewry and Jewish Israeli to create role model civilizations in both the Middle East and The United States. The crux of which is Jewish futures in child rearing.

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Action in Judea and Samaria Israel

” B. H. ”
Action is needed to develop additional settlements within Area ” C ‘ which compasses both Judea, Samaria, and the complete strategic Jordan Riff Valley.
Added March 5th, 2019. …

The European Union is assisting the Palestinian Authority in a land grab – race to gain territory in Area ” C “.
Thus every Pro – Israel Facebook must support what is known within the Israeli Knesset as the …
Shamir Plan to settle two million Israeli Jews in Area ” C ‘.\
[[[ See details as per – link http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/258620 ]]]


The challenge for this group:
The development of a group’s sponsorship of a Garin – which in Zionist terms means a community seed to produce a Jewish Agency recognize group necessary to acquire the territory necessary to create an established settlement.
Every Garin has the right to develop its own independent community along with choice of political ideals and likewise form of Jewish observances, and with its own economic start up company / business..
Whose interested and why will be accepted in ‘this topic thread. following comments. All others off topic will be deleted.

Additional note of what is a Garin SEE LINK – https://israelinformationcenterithaca.wordpress.com/…/the-…/

The Land Rush For Area ” C “

The European Union along with the Palestinian Authority under the ruse of asserting Area ” C ” is occupied territory is following and developing their own versions of the Kibbutz.
This part of a strategy in which more land is taken in Area ” C ” while Gaza ragged on, and on, and on.


Beyond their insincere rhetoric here is a documented release from their office.


They are using farming to lay the foundations for road and land area contacts between Areas ” A ” and ” B ” to present a map of what is a functional and viable Palestine State.
This is the European Plan, as the Palestinian Authority does not have the standings equal to the EU. and thus has found a partner in which they can work with and gain recognition after the EU plans are successful; they, the EU, has the member European states willing with recognition of such a state once a map proves it’s viable.

See Document …



Project 10, A personal valued choice.


If you are trapped in a job which is not what your academic degree prepared you for, a personal deplorable, then, the following Jewish Agency program may be what you are looking for. The Jewish Agency has other programs if Project 10 is not a fit.
None the less, you will be freed from the trap you are in.
Thus Jewish liberate yourself…..

A Safety Net: Abuse Social Net Preventers’

In recent years of its ongoing corporate developments Facebook’s community standards have not been able to become self – sustaining in maintaining its initial established value for the protection of its user – consumer base.


There are dangers in which its Community standards and field of more recent judgments have come up short when dealing with all aspects of the Middle East.  Moreover, various internet trollers have become aware of its weakness in which to exploit to cause harm to those with very hard core support of The Jewish State of Israel.  Pro – Israel Facebook pages and groups, their administrators, and individuals have been banned and block in the use of Facebook ever, while those of Anti – Jewish conspiracist are able to function much longer, especially where they make claims they are Palestinians whose issue must be allowed more considerations – which they received.

Thus the following, and importantly acknowledging that the only thing bigger than Facebook is Google, Google plus has provideisd the means for a safety net, and a format which can allow ones point of view to be better understood.

Thus the following as an example…

From the Google plus community listings

Israel Information Center

The critical aspect of providing accurate and confirmed sources as central to the present effort of the Facebook Page — The Israel Information Center Ithaca —- Is to encourage the development of additional independent Pro – Israel groups to emerge and organize. There are other established groups contributing. In addition, the ongoing discourse of varied topics which surround the development and present scope of The Jewish State of Israel has develop an additional information view of reliable consensus of opinions concerning an ethos of the existing dynamics of being a Jewish State. Thereby, the Israel Information Center will publish investigative reports of such opinions to determine their reflections in the present growth of additional Anti – Jewish Superstitions – especially those being deliberately created, and then institutionalized through the United Nations creating a false Internationalized scope of what is or what is not Jewish without Jewish consent or basis of Jewish facts. Here that buck stops here, and the central importance of developing additional independent organizations are immediate and needed,

Anti – Jewish Superstition Alerts: The Remedy


To the membership – orientation note:
Europe is now in Crisis:
In all efforts to bring Europe back to sanity is to remind the Europeans themselves of a different history which existed between Jewry and the Rise of The German Unified Nation; the genius stroke of Chancellor Otto von Bismarck.
Then, and only then, will Europe come to the knowledge there was a time in which there was real pride, and as a result will come to the central conclusion:

Europeans as a result of Re -self – education of Bismarck’s unity success, they are NOW infected with the, likewise, madman narcissists vision who destroyed his resulting German Civilization, A. H. They are NOW being tempted to be likewise destroyed by another Anti – Jewish Superstition Virus which reflects the present Europe ethos of hatred of Israel.
The time has come to confront the additional dangers for a free Europe efforts, and to rally to The Jewish State of Israel as the central cause of Europe, and to be likewise liberated from the approaching yoke of Sharia Imperialism which Iran is, and the lingering of ISIS as well.
Thus in Europe when one rallies to Israel one also reminds Europe who they once were by also rallying to the Historic Standard Bearer of real German unity envisioned once so long ago by Bismarck.
Then they will comprehend that the Epi – Center of Jewish Rights are the common Jewish resistance and fight against extinctions. The Jewish State of Israel is that resistance.
For Iran will be, then, unmasked and the dangers of mass Arab – Middle East migrations comprehended as well.
To save Israel is also to save Europe.
This the lesson taught by Bismarck in developing German Unity.
One condensed online record…