Black Americans in Support on Israel Committee Charter – Mission

Wanted are future leaders within the developing leadership of the African American Communities of both the United States, Latin America, and especially within Africa itself to observe and give additional consensus to this one view.


That Marcus Garvey had the unique vision of a self – dependent economic Pan Africa from which an independent self – sustaining Black Independent Civilization is to reemerge from underneath the dominate Western Civilizations.

With this one view, there exist a certain as of yet undefined connection of the struggles of other peoples quest to establish their. also, once independent civilizations which Israel is in progress developing.

To define that connection is also to trigger the returned once a unique vision once had by Leading African American Leadership outside the regional zone of Chicago, Illinois.

Observe, make comments, and to once again become once more involved in the Restoration of The Black Americans; in Supoort to Israel Committee.

The real challenge is its impact upon the string of latent emotional and intelligent preceptive  personal feelings of varied suspicions as to how their dependency upon Western civilizations is the center of their communities poverty, low economic development, and loss of economic authority within their own societies or nations.

Why join is as per …

Black Americans in Support on Israel Committee


The following is a reproduction of an ad in THE NEW YORK TIMES SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1975
“Zionism is not racism, but the legitimate expression of the Jewish people’s self determination…From our 400 year experience with slavery, segregation, and discrimination we know that Zionism is not racism.” (From a column by Bayard Rustin, Director of Black Americans to Support Israel Committee) We, black Americans, have been guided throughout our long struggle for racial equality by certain fundamental principles. These include: ✦ a commitment to democracy; ✦ opposition to all forms of racial, religious and sex discrimination; ✦ the conviction that denial of equal rights to any minority threatens not only every other minority but democracy itself.
These principles have led us to the following conclusions concerning the Israeli-Arab conflict and its bearings on American society: 1.We condemn the anti-Jewish “blacklist.” We have fought too long and too hard to root out discrimination from our land to sit idly while foreign interests import bigotry into America. Having suffered so greatly from such prejudice, we consider most repugnant efforts by Arab states to use the economic power of their newly acquired oil wealth to boycott business firms that deal with Israel or that have Jewish owners, directors or executives and to impose anti-Jewish preconditions for investments in this country. 2. We believe blacks and Jews have common interests in democracy and justice. In the fight against discrimination, black Americans and American Jews have shared profound and enduring common interests that far transcend any differences between us. Jews through individuals and organizations have been among the most staunch allies in the struggle for racial justice, sharing with us the conviction that equality is indivisible and that no minority is secure in its rights if the rights of any are impaired.
3. We support democratic Israel’s right to exist. The democratic values that have sustained our struggle in America are also the source of our admiration for Israel and her impressive social achievements. No nation is without imperfections. But Israel’s are far outweighed by the freedom of her democratic society. Only in Israel, among the nations of the Middle East, are political freedoms and civil liberties secure. All religions are free and secure in their observance. Education is free and universal. Social welfare is highly advanced. Her communal farms (Kibbutzim) are models of social idealism, creative innovation, cooperative spirit. Israel’s labor movement, the Histadrut, has earned the deep respect of freed trade unionists throughout the world.
4. Arab oil prices have had disastrous effects upon blacks in America and in Africa. The impact of the massive increases in the price of oil has fallen disproportionately on the shoulders of black Americans. But we are not alone in our suffering. Millions of men, women, and children in Black Africa face starvation because the economies of their countries, already crippled by drought, were further weakened because of oil price increases. The chief cause of Black Africa’s disastrous economic situation is the price that the Arabs are exacting for oil – at the same time that they give lip service to their commitment to “African solidarity.” The Arab oil-producing states have offered only small loans to the Black African nations, and then only in return for humiliating political concessions. Israel, small and isolated as it is, has done much to aid the economic development of Black Africa through creative technical programs.
Together with other Americans, we enthusiastically join in reaffirming the rights of Israel exist as a sovereign state.
5. We support peace through mutual recognition. All of long to see and end to the tragic Arab-Israeli conflict. We have learned from our struggle here in America that the only way to resolve a conflict of nationalities is through mutual acceptance and reconciliation. The Arabs have refused to accept the legitimacy of the state of Israel. Israel consistently demonstrated the desire to make concessions in the interest of peace with her Arab neighbors. But she has refused to accept the conditions that would threaten her existence as independent sovereign nation.
6. We support genuine Palestinian selfdetermination. We support the rights of the Palestinians to genuine selfdetermination, but not at the expense of the rights of Jews to independence and statehood, and not at the command of economic blackmailers or of terrorists who would force their own “solution” at the point of a gun. We have compassion for all who have suffered in this conflict, not least for the Palestinian refugees. But who can avoid asking why so many of these people continue to live in poverty in the midst of Arab wealth? The spokesmen for the goal of self-determination for the Palestinians through the so-called Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) have been elected. They represent only themselves. The P.L.O., like all terrorist groups, have turned indulging, Palestinians, and who disagree with them. Who can forget the murder of Israeli athletes at the Olympic games, the bomb letters, the airplane hijackings and attacks on the ground, sudden massacre of the innocent civilians at the Tel Aviv airport? Regardless of what the Arab world calls it, in the horrified shock of he people it is indiscriminate murder of innocents.
7. We will work for peace. In the months ahead we will work for a just and stable peace, a peace that will not be a prelude to a new war but the beginning of an era of cooperation and good will between Israel and her Arab neighbors.
BASIC Black Americans to Support Israel Committee 260 Park Avenue South, New York, N.Y. 10010 A. Philip Randolph Bayard Rustin Lionel Hampton Chairman Director Treasurer
Hank Aaron Reverend Ralph Abernathy Southern Christian Leadership Conference Clifford Alexander, Jr. Attorney Alexander J. Allen Deputy Executive Director, National Urban League James C. Allison, Jr. Affirmative Action Coordinator, University of Florida Mrs. Louis Armstrong Marina Arroyo Opera Singer Arthur Ashe Richard H. Austin Secretary of State, Michigan Catherine & Count Basie Daisy Bates Director, Mitchelville O.E.O. Self-Help Project Vander L. Beatty State Senator, New York
Harry Belafonte Howard E. Bennett National Chairman, Citizens Committee for Martin Luther King holiday Reverend William L. Bentley Interfaith Interracial Council of Clergy Theodore M. Berry Mayor, City of Cincinnati McHenry Boatwright Julian Bond State Senator, Georgia James E. Booker President, James E. Booker Associates, Inc. William H. Bowe Treasurer, New York City Central Labor Council Ruth Bowen President, Queens Booking Agency William F. Bowen State Senator, Ohio Tom Bradley Mayor, City of Los Angeles
Alfred L. Bright Director of Black Studies, Youngstown State University Yvonne Brathwaite Burke Member of Congress, 28th District, California John T. Burnell Director, Mayor’s Office of Labor Relations, New York City Daniel Burnell Professor, Department of AfroAmerican Studies, University of Wisconsin Miriam Burton Councilor, Actor’s Equity Association Lawrence C. Burwell Executive Director, Urban League of Albany, New York Dr. Eugene Callendar Church of the Master, New York City Roy Campanella Robert F. Carroll Vice President, The City College of New York
Lewis James Carter, III Labor Affair Director, National Urban League, Southern Region Shirley Chisolm Member of Congress, 12th District, New York William L. Clay Member of Congress, 1st District, Missouri Reverend Emanuel Cleaver Executive Director, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Kansas City, Mo. Cardiss Collins Member of Congress, 6th District, Illinois A. J. Cooper, Jr. Mayor, City of Prichard, Alabama Gary Cooper State Representative, Alabama Theo Cribbs State Representative, Kansas Dr. Alonzo A. Grim Superintendent of Schools, Atlanta, Georgia Nellie A. Crowley Chairman, Los Angeles A. Philip Randolph Institute Dave Cunningham City Councilman, Los Angeles Gloster Current Director, Branches and Field, NAACP Corneal A. Davis State Representative, Illinois Earl W. Davis National Field Coordinator, Committee on Political Education, AFL-CIO Walter G. Davis Director, Department of Education, AFL-CIO C. L. Dellums International President, Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, AFL-CIO Leonard DePauh Director, Community Relations, Lincoln Center, New York David Dinkins Chairman, N.Y. State Conference of Black Elected Officials Oscar DuConge City Councilman, Waco, Texas James R. Dumpson Administrator, Human Resource Administration and Commissioner of Social Services, New York City Roosevelt Dunning Deputy Commissioner for Community Affairs, New York City Police Department Alfred G. Dunston, Jr. Bishop, A. M. E. Zion Church Mervyn Dymally Lieutenant Governor, State of California Dr. Helen G. Edmonds University Distinguished Professor of History, North Carolina Central University
Ralph Ellison Mrs. Medgar Evers Director, Community Affairs, Atlantic Richfield Company, Los Angeles James Farmer President, Compas-Council on Minority Planning and Strategy Herman D. Farrell, Jr. State Assemblyman, New York Walter Fauntroy Member of Congress, District of Columbia Harold Ford Member of Congress, 8th District of Columbia Thomas R. Fortune State Assemblyman, New York Frances Foster Wendell Foster President, City Wide Black Clergy, New York City Alex Fuller District Civil Rights Department, United Steelworkers of America, AFL-CIO William S. Gary Assistant to the President, International Union of Electrical Workers, AFL-CIO Paul Gibson, Jr.. Deputy Mayor, City of New York Dr. Bernard R. Gifford Deputy Chancellor, New York City Schools Simeon Golar Justice, Family Court of the State of New York Raymond L. Gray, Sr. Director, Fair Practices Department, American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO Ernest Green Executive Director, Recruitment and Training Program Bill Greene State Senator, California Dr. Lorenzo Greene Emeritus Professor of History, Lincoln Univeristy Reverend Dr. James Gunther Pastor, Lutheran Church of Transfiguration, New York City Anthony W. Hall, Jr. State Representative, Texas Wilfred A. Harris Field Representative, 47th Assembly District, Los Angeles Claude Harrison, Jr. Managing Editor, Philadelphia Tibune Augustus E. Hawkins Member of Congress, 29th District, California Eldridge Hawkins State Assemblyman, New Jersey Dorothy I. Height President, National Council of Negro Women Luther Henderson Composer
Dr. Vivian W. Henderson President, Clark College Aaron E. Henry President, Mississippi State Conference, NAACP Genevieve Herbert Richard Allen Hildebrand Bishop, A.M.E. Church Jesse Hill, Jr. President, Atlanta Life Insurance, Company Norman Hill Executive Director, A. Phillip Randolph Institute Velma Hill Vice President, American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO J. Clinton Hoggard Bishop, A.M.E. Zion Church Warren A. Hollier Commissioner of Public Works, Los Angeles, California Dr. John L. S. Holloman, Jr. President, Health and Hospitals Corp., New York City Herman M. Holloway, Sr. State Senator, Delaware Benjamin L. Hooks Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission, Washington D.C. William R. Hudgins President, Hudgins Associates, Inc. Elbert T. Hudson President, Broadway Federal Savings & Loan, Los Angeles, California Dr. G. H. Hudson Chairman, Department of History, Lincoln University H. R. Hughes Minister, Bethel A.M.E. Church, New York City Odis Iroland People’s Church of Christ, Lynwood, California Monte Irvin Staff Member, Office of the Commissioner of Baseball Dr. Blyden Jackson Professor of English and Associate Dean of the Graduate School, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Hal Jackson Station Manager, WBLS-FM Mattie J. Jackson Vice President, International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union, AFL-CIO Maynard Jackson Mayor, City of Atlanta M. Morris Jackson State Senator, Ohio Samuel Jackson Attorney and Partner, Strook & Strook & Lavan Calvin H. Johnson President, National Alumni Association, Clark College
Eddie Bernice Johnson State Representative, Texas Gloria T. Johnson Director of Education and Women’s Activities, International Union of Electrical Workers, AFL-CIO Reverend Robert Ross Johnson Minister, St. Albans Congregational Church James H. Jones, Sr. President, Negro Trade Union Leadership Council, Philadelphia Barbara Jordon Member of Congress, 18th District, Texas Frederick D. Jordon Bishop, A.M.E. Church Vernon E. Jordon, Jr. Executive Director, National Urban League Norman E. Justice State Representative, Kansas Maida Springer Kemp Consultant, African-American Labor Center, New York Joe L. Kershaw State Representative, Florida Reverend Thomas Kilgore, Jr. Pastor, 2nd Baptist Church, Los Angeles, California Coretta Scott King Reverend Martin Luther King, Sr. Chester A. Kirkendoll Bishop, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Birmingham, Alabama Reverend Dr. George Lawrence National Director of Communications, Progressive National Baptist Convention Howard N. Lee Mayor, Chapel Hill, North Carolina John L. LeFiore State Representative, Alabama E. V. Lewis Assistant to the President, American Federation of Musicians, AFL-CIO Wynoria M. Lipman State Senator, New Jersey J. Bruce Liewellyn President, One Hundred Black Men Mrs. Arthur C. Logan Clarence C. Love State Representative, Kansas William Lucy International Secretary-Treasurer, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO Gail Lumet Benjamin J. Malcolm Commissioner, New York City Department of Corrections Louis Martin Vice President and Editorial Director, Chicago Defender
Dorothy Maynor Executive Director, Harlem School of the Arts Benjamin E. Mays President, Atlanta Board of Education Bernard J. McIntrye State Representative, Oklahoma James E. “Billy” McKinney State Representative, Georgia Floyd McKissick Founder of Soul City, North Carolina B. F. McLaurin Chief City Mediator, Professional Household Workers, New York City C. J. McLin, Jr. State Representative, Ohio Samuel McNeal, Jr. Civil Service Advocate, Los Angeles, California Claudia McNeil Ralph Matcalfe Member of Congress, 1st District, Illinois H. M. Michaux, Jr. State Assemblyman, North Carolina John J. Miller State Assemblyman, California Loren Miller, Jr. Judge Los Angeles, California Patricia Miller Administrative Assistant, 49th Assembly District, California Frank C. Montero Chairman, Africa Defense and Air Fund – American Committee on Africa Henry Lee Moon Former Editor, The Crisis Mollie Moon President, National Urban League Guild Dr. Lois B. Moreland Chairman, Department of Political Science, Spelimah College S. S. Morris, Jr. Bishop, 12th Episcopal District, A.M.E. Church Mrs. John Morsell Educator Margaret E. Morton State Representative, Conneticuit James M. Nabrit, III Associate Counsel, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. Mary Burke Nicholas Director, Women’s Division, Executive Chamber, New York State D. Ward Nichols Bishop, A.M.E. Church Robert N. C. Nix Member of Congress, 2nd District, Pennsylvania Eleanor Holmes Norton Commissioner of Human Rights, New York City Frederick O’Neal President, Associated Actors and Artistes of America, AFL-CIO
Ronald Owens Speaker Pro Tempore, State Assembly, New Jersey Henry Parker Treasurer, State of Connecticut Lyman S. Parks Mayor, Grand Rapids, Michigan Paul Parks Secretary of Educational Affairs, Executive Office of Educational Affairs, Massachusetts Mrs. Rosa Parks Bill Paterson Vice Chairman, Democratic Party National Committee Deborah Peterson Institute Coordinator, League for Industrial Democracy William E. Pollard Director, Department of Civil Rights, AFL-CIO Robert E. Powell Vice President, Laborers’ International Union of North America, AFL-CIO Leontyne Price Paul B. Ragsdale State Representative, Texas Leon D. Ralph State Assemblyman, California Charles B. Rangel Member of Congress, 19th District. New York Saunders Redding Ernest I. White Professor of American Studies and Humane Letters, Cornell University James D. Rice Executive Director, Nassau County Commission on Human Rights, New York Lillian Roberts Associate Director, District Council 37, American Federation of State, County Municipal Employees, ALFCIO Roy Seabrook Former Vice President, Seaboard Industrial Credit, Altadena, California William Sharpe Representative, Workmen’s Compensation, New York Horace L. Sheffield Administrative Assistant to the President, International Union of Automobile Workers Dr. Donald Shirley George Shirley Harold R. Sims Director, Corporate Affairs, Johnson and Johnson Mary L. Singleton State Representative, Florida William David Smith, Ph.D. Assistant to the President, University of Cincinnati Vaino Spencer Municipal Court Judge, Los Angeles, California
Archie Spigner Councilman, New York City Lorenzo D. Stevens Director of Human Relations, American Postal Workers Union Marc Stepp International Vice President, United Automobile Workers G. J. Sutton Chairman, Texas Black Legislative Caucus Oliver Sutton Justice, New York Supreme Court Percy Sutton President, Borough of Manhattan Wilbert A. Tatum Director, Office of Apparel Industry Planning and Development Dr. Gardner Taylor Pastor, Concord Baptist Church, New York William C. Thompson Justice, New York Supreme Court W. J. Trent C. Delores Secretary of State, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Mary L. Turner Assistant Librarian, Lincoln University Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker Minister and Chief Executive, Canaan Baptist Church of Christ, New York City Kelvin A. Wall President, Black Creative Group, Inc. Howard Wallace Sergeant, New York City Police Department Mack W. Walters Legislative Director, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Local, American Postal Workers Union William Warfield, L.L.D. Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana Roosevelt Walls International Secretary-Treasurer, Transport Workers Union, AFL-CIO Diana E. Watson Member, Board of Education, Los Angeles Robert C. Weaver Distinguished Professor of Urban Affairs, Hunter College, New York City Edward Welsh Assistant Director (Retired), Region VII, AFL-CIO Reverend M. Moran Weston Rector, St. Philip’s Episcopal Church – Manhattan Dr. Louise R. White Special Consultant to the Assistant Secretary, Department of Housing and Urban Development Sharon L. Wilkes Representative, Communication Workers of America, Los Angeles, California
Henry Wilkins, III State Representative, Arkansas Roy Wilkins Executive Director, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Reverend M. L. Wilson Pastor, Convent Avenue Baptist Church, New York Howard B. Woods Publisher, Sentinel Newspapers, St. Louis Samuel D. Wright Councilman, New York City Andrew Young Member of Congress, 5th District, Georgia
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