The Center’s ( IICI ) growing Facebook groups.

The first success is..

United Jewish Israel One State Solution

This came about by such principles and membership notes such as…..


Membership note.
This is a temporary condition.
Postings will have to be approved by either an administrator, or moderator due to the influx of new members who are not aware of the focus of this group.
Thus to make it simple….
The objective of this group is to support the emergence of the Single Jewish State within all the territories involved and that includes what the world presently calls the West Bank. The ends of Zionism in which Judea and Samaria will be eventually annex into The Jewish State of Israel.
Mission elements are a serious distractions as they seek purpose other than such goals, and ends.
To comprehend such goals and ends one has to have some knowledge of The Torah itself, and the freedoms involved there within the National aspirations of Jewry itself.
That national aspirations is in the total realization that in the observance or self disciplines which are Jewish, equality and freedom are all vested in citizenships [ both Jewish and Non ] to the Jewish State of Israel protected b y its laws and full observance of all Human Rights.

To raise ones child to be Jewish, who within the Jewish State, and through that child’s developing stages their Jewishness is not marginalized, nor Jewish identity diminished but by their rights to self – determination to become strong and with the necessary power to prevent any and all efforts of the extinction of the Jewish Peoples.
The epi centers of Jewish Rights is the prevention of extinction which all Jewry is aware as per the following photo…

As per link…..


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