Israeli – Arab Reconciliations: The Rise of The Private Sector

Alistair Burt welcomes announcement of Israeli steps to assist the Palestinian economy and looks forward to further progress.

Speaking today, Alistair Burt said:

I warmly welcome the positive steps announced by Israel in recent days towards assisting the Palestinian economy in advance of the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee meeting on 25 September. Measures such as allowing construction materials for private projects into Gaza and convening joint Israeli-Palestinian committees on water and agriculture are positive signals of intent as both sides seek to move forward in peace negotiations.  The UK looks forward to further progress in the days and months ahead in both the economic and political spheres. We will continue to support efforts to achieve a sovereign and prosperous Palestinian state alongside a safe and secure Israel.

Further information

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There  are two stark ethnocentric commonalities which presently exists between the Arabs and the Israelis.

DNA to the surprise of the Red Crescent.

Principles of Fundamental Free Trades and Exchanges.

The fundamental challenge is how to evolve trading partnerships contracted by agreements which are enforced.  Thus third party co-operations are more than likely – this was once achieved through the Lebanese.

It was the security reality involved which caused a UAE private firm to lose an operation service contract of the Port of New York City/; the intrusive fears and the further anxieties about Arab political stabilities.  None the less, and the theory of practical benefits is immediately raised … what would have happened if this very same UAE firm had contracted an Israeli Private Security Firm to cover their resulting New York City operations” ONLY ” if the US agreed to contract them.

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