Israeli Diaspora, and Jewish Heritage:

This page now focuses on The Facebook group Israelis in New York City.  Here are about 2, 000 members who are in main are Israeli expats living in New York City, and those who wish to be connected to this group living in Israel itself. Some of their traits and behaviors they themselves have kept private, but none the less, the real story is how they  are attempting to develop business within this city’s established economies.
Thus in future development of this blog a part of editorial inclusions will now have a certain amount of consensus already expressed within this, and other groups in which this author has been affiliated and posted points of views successfully-as per the likes received.
The theory zone has never been this author’s focus but as a pragmatist who understands the community which is being  viewed.
Thus if you have a Facebook account and you are logged in then you can review some of the links posted in the following….
W San Francisco, juz slynny<br /><br /> IN SAN FRANCISCO, ALREADY FAMOUS<br /><br /> 1928
Z siostrami; zdjecie w San Francisco Examiner<br /><br /> WITH HIS SISTERS; PHOTO COURTESY OF SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER<br /><br /> 1922
Gra dla swojej coreczki<br /><br /> PLAYING FOR HIS INFANT DAUGHTER
Z siostrami; zdjecie z archiwow New York Times<br /><br /> WITH HIS SISTERS; PHOTO FROM THE ARCHIVES OF THE NEW YORK TIMES<br /><br /> Lata 50-te -- THE 50s

Zydowscy Wirtuozi Smyczka
(22 April 1916, New York – 12 March 1999, Berlin, Germany)

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