Israeli Medical Advances

Your own personal life may be dependent on:
Israeli Medical Research May Cure Death.
In a Jewish Russian owned restaurant on Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York adjacent to the world renowned ‘ Children’s Hospital ‘ , while I was enjoying Chicken, Kiev, I over heard a group of doctors talking about Israeli medical professionals. Here was admiration of the emergence of Israeli medical practice in treating past enemies, as well as enemies’ family from Judea, and Samaria. Then reporting at the same time a discovery that select group of Israeli doctors thought that ‘ Death was a Disease ‘ which could be cured.



I was teaching dance at Fred Astaire Dance Studios at Amherst, New York at the time during 1972.
Then much later at a National Conference of The North American Jewish Students’ Network, late 70s, Toronto, Ontario, Canada a couple Jewish – Israeli students confirmed their Medical Doctors fathers thought Death was a disease too! Later this idea was also confirm at The University of Buffalo.
Thus stay tuned in the following as the following report is part of many other break – throughs in Israeli Medical Research success.
Your life now is being affected.


Beyond the terms used in the FB group focus … Israeli Medical Research May Heal Death … is the actual realities which this statement js not outside the skills and medical sciences of physicians of The Jewish State of Israel. The impact of present level of medical discoveries are all now accelerating with increasing innovations.



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Israeli breakthrough could be an anti-aging miracle.

Israeli professors have developed a computer algorithm that predicts which genes can be “turned off” to create the same anti-aging effect as calorie restriction.

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