” B. H. ” The National Jewish Peoples Liberation of The Torah NOW “

This reflects the unknown and yet discoveries of what Zionism is today.  I.E. Ha ‘ Mesorah Ha ‘ Yisroel B’ Arez and if focuses on the needed double return to the foundation blocks itself in order to have a Jewish, then to Yisroel’s  connections to The Torah itself. Which can be only be facilitated by the Peoples of The Jewish State of Israel in their broadest democratic terms.


This became all too apparent when United States Secretary of State John Kerry made the historic Anti – Jewish Superstition center comment. ” A State Cannot Be Both Jewish and Democratic. ”

This the following posting was immediately made in response to this Official historic Anti – Jewish Slur and reveals the need to come to terms with the end game of Zionism itself, and its future role through a total liberated Jewish State of Israel. A state in the throws of Democracy findings and  who are now undergoing The Historic The First Child Rearing Centered Base Civilization  within the both the 20 th and the 21 st centuries the Jewish / Israeli answer to both the Genocide of European Jewry, and the attempted Genocide of Middle East Jewry which was initiated by the First and Second Arab invasions of Erez Yisroel.


The time has come for the Historic Forensics, the DNA of Erez Yisroel to facilitate the return of the Ethnic Judeans of their ancestral Jewish roots in addition to their being historic victims to forced conversion to Arab Islam in the Arab invasions of Erez Yisroel, including both rape and sodomy rape in their national physical and sexual demonstrations of power over Middle East Jewry; their,the Arab Nation masters over the ethnic Judeans, which exist today in the West Bank. Thus, this the new political edge of National Liberation and the rise of the Ethnic Judeans.


And as the following facebook postings.

Truth within the Middle East with regards to the present scope of solutions and state status has always ignored the internal dynamics of a people who for ever reason have been identified as Palestinian, None for ever has ever been wise is that within this term beats the hearts of a greater representative ethnic identity, and other minor identities than this term itself. It was and still is, in addition, here within the US another term known as ” Diversity “.
It has been the overall failure of Western Powers to recognize within the term, Palestinian,and its perception to the peoples ” diversities “; the Judeans, the Arabs, the Grecco-Romans, the Euros, and the Bedouin existing within the West Bank.
Among which has caused a wider cap of those whose real primary ethnological .identity being Ethnically Jewish, and further have political separate the future of their families in finding a living and prosperous life B ‘ Arez. Thus the continuation of their historic centered crime of being victims to forced conversions to Arab Islam centuries ago has left a tragic circumstances in which to find a living with happiness caused by political and ethnic suppression of the Arab dictates of a corrupt Palestinian Authority.
The roots of return have always had a political edge in as much as its has indicated that in order for World Jewry to have a single right to defend common human dignity of self as being Jewish demanded a Jewish State. That political edge became both cultural, social, and spiritual once Jewish Settlements alone appeared, and a nationality was created. However, the historic return of those living on the land did not begin their return to their ethnic Jewish roots for they have never were granted their central rights to self – determination ever,,,,,,, their historic loss of dignity,.Leaving the early settlers ignorant of their potential and future allies for a Free Jewish State with full dignity of Yisroel.
The final peace within the land is likewise so based and not false political expectations of two state status to qualify itself to the interest of either Western Powers, or the Arab Nation, The reality is that those whose Historic Forensics, DNA, have their own path to return, They will have to make the harder return than those who first constructed and are constructing Settlements, It may be in the histories ahead that their return signify the real power of The Torah. Science is neither political nor have any form of discrimination as science is about provable truths to project upon the Human map progressive discoveries.

It is now time for those living, hoping, and with awesome anxieties about their future to make the choice for their return, in as much as it is for them to discover either their own real ethnology, and then The Torah study fist.

Join in the issue by joining United Jewish Israel One State Solution @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/Debatezionism/

Thus uncovering a new challenge of both idealism and human discoveries which will shock the world in the real evils it will uncover finally.

Thus my answer to John Kerry from a Vietnam Veteran


A state in the throws of Democracy findings and  who are now undergoing The Historic The First Child Rearing Centered Base Civilization  within the both the 20 th and the 21 st centuries the Jewish / Israeli answer to both the Genocide of European Jewry, and the attempted Genocide of Middle East Jewry which was initiated by the First and Second Arab invasions of Erez Yisroel. To include by total National Liberation the Israelis, and ethnic Judeans upon the future of their children,


Lets fight the UN and its Anti – Jewish Superstitions


Jerusalem must NEVER AGAIN be devided: For it will cause deeper divisions between Jews and Non – Jews within the Jewish – Israeli State.

To Yossi Ben-dak and his Facebook friends. It has become all to apparent that recent efforts to solve the current anxieties which surrounds the existence of the Jewish State of Israel is not working. This has forced me deep in to my past supporting activism which Yossi knows something about to look very, very, very hard.
And thus the following.
We need the divergent natural behaviorism of International Jewish Youth to propose their own solutions among both their Jewish and Non Jewish peers on a global stage by,,,,,,

The absolute necessity in the re creation of the American Zionist Youth Movement, along with one of its most successful in house programs Sherut La Am. Thus a petition should be issued to the Jewish Agency after Yossi, You who are his allies, and those who are on my Facebook Friends should meet B’Arez to form a lobbyist group to form such petitions, None the less, this time the recreation of AZYF should be considered an NGO, and sponsorship by the Jewish Agency should be for no more than two years, There after Zionist Youth activities, with the exception of Sherut La Am which the Jewish Agency should keep in its house after the end of its sponsorship, be linked to joint American and Israeli Start Ups as its main sponsors based solely on the rates of sale increases of both the Product and Services trigger by the program.

Those who are from the Socialist camps should also look into the redevelopment of the North American Jewish Students’ Network, and further promotions of the World Union of Jewish Students. This is based on the loss of this group coming close to triggering the Ethnic Liberation of American Jewry and as such were developing Infra – State Nation Status separated from Spiritual Jewish concerns with its single focus while at the same time not forgetting the traditions of the Thirteen Principals of Jewish Faith on an Individual and personal bases,

The above should be likewise applied to other nations as well,

Thus and in addition a major concern of both elements should also promote immediately the necessity of those youth within American Jewry their immediate focus on joining their local National Guards, as this will promote the needed added cohesion between both American and Israeli security evaluations with those who have developed leadership qualities as a result, Very much like the impact of the IDF in developing unity within the Jewish State of Israel, the National Guard will form common interests in its unit cohesion development stronger unity between American Jewry and American Youth with common American consciousness of common security issues, The appearance of Jewish Officers of Field or Battalion Command as being of such ranks one must also qualify — are also having accomplished upper Top Secret Clearances and thus are immediately notified when national and state security issue of attacks are alerted. Moreover, and most importantly, it will remove the aspect of any further disruptions created by such groups such as J Street and The Jewish Defense League in their — J/S & JDL — efforts of narcissist rhetoric to exploit Jewish anxieties, The impact of Jewish large participation in the National Guard will have an immediate impact of various local level Jewish communities in as much this will also connect American Jewry to its Jewish War Veterans of 550,000 who served during WWII and unlike Kahane fought and killed in combat the Nazis, and helped to Liberate the Nazi Death Camps, Thus becoming heroes to Jewish youth Internationally and thus promote emotional healthy ego structures to emerge.

To those in Europe means joining their reserves as well,

Finally all future development of Garinim its membership should look into admitting to its roles and settlements those who live within Erez Yisroel others who have dropped their identities of being Palestinians to being Ethnic Judeans as a result of their DNA findings of their very personal Jewish Israeli Connections, A mentoring process which will produce additional ethnocentric pluralities within Erez Yisroel necessary for the Knesset to approve total annexation, and for the Israeli Rabbinate a significant identity advocacy which will make it easier for consideration for conversion — thus healing the ethnological breech trigger by Islams invasion of Erez Yisroel and their forced conversion tactics which included both Rapes, and Sodomy Rapes, All of which will blind side the Palestinian Authorities, Hamas, and the whats left or the PLO, and the PFLP in Syria who is know fighting along side of Assad’s forces,

All of which will add to the present and yet undefined Jewish Israeli Movement The National Jewish Peoples Liberation of The Torah,

All of which means everyone signing on to twitters and posting to the emerging executive teams of President Elect Donald Trumps but not his children,

All of which here mentioned is base upon the unknown Zionism which has facilitated the First Child Rearing Centered Base Civilization through within the Jewish State of Israel, and its role characteristic in World Jewry should likewise it internal commitment to within its local communities,

Yossi and his Friends contact and meet with,,,,,,
Stephanie Lara Schnurman
Michael Mendelson
Zehavit Mizrahi
Amy Teibel
Sheri Noa Caron Schultz
מיכל סלנט
Ely M Braun Who knows me the bests.
And Adam Haskel Copy Editor Jerusalem Post. Who only is informed of his time knowing me, but very little of my other lives for his benefit alone,

May you and yours have every happiness, ,, ” B.H. ” Roger M. Christian

AZYF last report link.

1973: The critical year of Campus Jewish – and Israeli Unity


Additions will added as per the use of where they are be posted = ” [ ” ________ ” ] ” along with the date of their inclusion.

As per and in additions below [ of the continued unfinished writing ]:

[[ Deember 5, 2016  ]  Its was the year 1973 which saw one of the most impressive campus Pro – Israel  / Pro – Jewish Campus Agendas which were able to meet expreme emergencies both on their campuses and their homes all the way to The Jewish State of Israel. I was there at The State University of New York @ Buffalo, also called University of Buffalo when all this happened, and was also invited to join The Jewish Student Union, a recognized student orgainization under the campus student body – Student Association, and then, in their progressive efforts, espcially by the Graduate and Young Jewiwsh Adults to be a Delegate voting representitive, Hille Grad Club — ages between 23 to 32 YO Jewish Ma and Phd canidates and Young  Adults — to the North American Jewish Students’ Network [ as their archives can confirm ], and thus directly connected to the World Union of Jewish Students, then HQ in Arad, Isrsel. Caution any detraction or miss leading information used by any other person or persons who refutes this will be reviewed immediately in local court.


Today American and World Jewry faces several real challenges, and the single purpose of this blog posting is to encoourage a similar divergent course of action which was also taken during the 1973 which led several successful campaigns to which offset an attempt to wipe out the contrinuting efforts of both World Jewry and the Jewish State of Israel eforts to contribute to humanity’s quest for discoveries. It has never been the academic view of scapegoating which was at issue in how these challenges were created and use. but a real fear by humanity to finally make additional and divergent discoveries within both life and the Universe of Billions of Galaxies; and the critical human drive to make connections between both. Connection of which is also locked up in the Jewish drive for truth understanding and auto –  recognizing at the same time such values are also and equally being explored by others. Today’s Anti – Jewish Superstitions are in fact anxiety based and created in the zeal of psychotic narcissists whose passions is for power. It is that simple.

Thus presented before you is first the real challenges in which you face today and the solutions once used by those who emerged out of the year 1973.

It is imperative for you to find your own source matterial, but if you want a short cut the following publication will help – understanding it will only help you form your own opinions.  ]


[ From Facebook — Keith Ellison’s ascent signals the Democrats’ willingness to redefine ‘pro-Israel’
This has been going on for the past 12 years and it started right in between the two Bush administration term years of being President by those within the Democratic party who are tired in total retrospect of continued support for the Jewish State of Israel as they had become increasingly aware that they are losing out on the similar Arab investments which assisted in the economic development of the European Union. When money is around you will see Democrats looking for an in – though at times you can also link this to the Republican’s but to a far lesser degree as they have the money needed to promote their political interests. This also established a focus point of the Clinton Foundation in as much as Hillary as Secretary of State has had active intelligence reports { Source Wiki Leaks ] on the EU capital resources and new Arab money was being flashed about in to the billions.. In the real world its about money. ]

There is a single need for someone who has the spirit and drive from being much younger than I to really start to investigate the differences in various Pro – Arab – Islamic Imperialistic Efforts and to likewise break such efforts into two areas of research.

One: What can be defined as Covert conversions to Islam.

Twp: What can be defined as Overt conversions to Islam.:

[ [ Added December 2, 2016 ]  From a Facebook comment —-

What most uneducated observers really have not focused on from a scholarly historic perspective and even the most conservative branch of the media, like FOX news, is that such actions such as what happen at Ohio State is the overt form of promoting conversion to Islam. That Islam has power, and thus the use of terror should be view as a observance behavioral branch to induct the ” unwilling ” into the center of its beliefs systems, very much linked to public demonstration of be headings by ISIS in its early entry into International massive media resultant exposure of its movement and its self – declared whabbi Islamic State. Though not having a Sayyid justification therein of their actions. This goes deep into its deliberate orthodoxy contradictions of internal and external observances within their diverse operations to promote Islam which is why the Western civilizations finds it difficult to combat objectively unless you are secured within a Jewish belief system. Measure per measure, and thus action to action per terrorism and other forms of how Islam is spread is its single connections of how one conducts oneself; thus’ly is only relative equal if it triggers various forms of acceptance or calls for conciliations to Islam – such as teaching it in secondary education systems of the West, all the while restricting such actions of teaching Western spiritual value systems within those nations who declared state religion is Islam..]

This perception was already developed by the Anti – Deformation League in which it was successfully able to track and warn campus Jewish groups of the Covert Operations of the Moral Majority Program of KEY 73 with financial investment up to 500 million dollars.. Which to their, Moral Majority’s, dread was lost as American Jewish reaction of President Anwar El Sadat’s President of Egypt, launching of The Yom Kippur War 1973 right in the Middle of KEY 73s campus operations which triggered extreme total — as they both happened at the same time —- Jewish unity of both the Jewish Spirit and self – determination to stand up and defeat who ever tried to seek the destruction of the Jewish peoples.

To those who are of Jewish youth and emerging intellectuals please investigate and invest your time to examine covert operations half of Islamic Arab actions as they takie place. I am 69 YO and I am getting old…. ithacafalcon@aol.com

Israeli Folk Dancing: Holistic Zionism at Play, and Life through Dance.


Israeli Folk Dancing is a significant living driven cultural ethos in which the joys of one who  is able and willing to freely express deep feelings, both secular and spiritual, as well as political diverse of being nationally liberated, and all the additional human experiences of being both culturally Jewish and truly joyful in ones emotions at the same time. The richness of this single aspect of the emerging civilization of the Jewish State of Israel, and its further connections to the World Jewry’s is one the vital links between all the peoples herein who are connected at the very time the recording  of Jewish and Israeli music is played in which the choreographed, and in certain times are not choreographed, dance is one dances in unison with those who have come to this event to enjoy the richness of their heritages The very facet of  being a form of both physical healthy aerobic form of dance and very degrees of emotional expression in  which dance attempts to produce among which to throw off for a while their own personal anxieties in which the world has challenged ones very personal existence as being Jewish is Gestalt national therapy in its most significant deliberation of cultural self – determination.. Thus in being so connected this form of cultural habit is slowly becoming a cultural Shema Yisroel denoting a  form of cohesion which is significantly Jewish as a result likewise of their / our Universally Human innate trait at the same time in of which ones is also able to extend ones own personal expression of personal joys as hasbara to the those who are attracted to this single universe all on it own.

The performances are also awesome as the photo above indicates.

The International Scope of Recognition of which is as follows….

From Wikipedia

Israeli folk dances are a unique phenomenon of contemporary folklore. In spite of the many changes in the values, dreams, and ways of life of the Israelis, they still dance the old dances of the 1940s and 1950s—the years during which more new dances were created than in any other culture in the world. Today there are some three thousand Israeli folk dances, according to folk-dance instructors. However, some of these dances are no longer danced. It is hard to specify which of the dances aren’t practiced but the Hora is still practiced. Many more modern dances incorporate folk inspired dance moves into their dances.[9] Today there are groups in Israel whose jobs are to conserve the heritage of Israeli folk dance. About one hundred thousand people dance on a regular basis at least once a week and an additional one hundred thousand dance several times a year[1


This activity was brought to attention of every major University and College campus during both the 60s and 70s by Fred Berk.

Fred Berk was born Friedrich Berger in Vienna, Austria, in 1910. He studied at the State Academy of Dance there from 1930 to 1933. He performed with Gertrud Kraus, Viennese modern dance choreographer, winning the bronze medal as the most promising solo dancer at the Viennese State International dance competition in 1934.

Fred came to America in 1941 and changed his name upon his immigration to the United States, but was affectionately known to folk dancers as “Mr. Israeli Folk Dance.” He first performed with Hanya Holm then with Katia Delakoa for ten years. In 1949, when on his first visit to Israel, he and Katia became the first American dancers to perform in Eilat. He started the contemporary Israeli recreational dance movement in New York around 1951.

From 1951, Fred directed the annual Israeli Folk Dance Festival at Lincoln Center, conducted leadership training sessionns, and directed the Israeli Folk Dance Department under the auspices of the Zionist Youth Foundation.

Fred organized many projects and was associated with many organizations that were devoted to Jewish / Israeli dance arts. He was a member of the Israeli Ethnic Dance Board, founded the Jewish Dance Division of the 92nd St. YM-YWHA, and organized an Israeli folk dance leadership there in 1960.

He founded the first Israeli dance workshop in the United States, the Fred Berk Israeli Folk Dance Workshop, at Camp Blue Star (Hendersonville, North Carolina), in 1961 and directed it until 1977 (followed by Ya’akov Eden, Ruth Goodman, and Tuvia Abramson). Many Israeli folk dance recordings were issued under Fred’s supervision.

He established the Israeli Folk Dance Department of the AZYF in New York in 1968, was the director of the folk dance department of the American Zionist Youth Foundation, also in New York, and was editor of the magazine “Hora.”

Then came the era of creative diversities which is still ongoing since its appearance in the late 70s and was started by two choreographers.


Moshe Eskayo is the director of Hora Keff and the Sababa weekend seminar. He is a prolific choreographer and is fondly known as the “Debka King.” He is owner and director of Eucalyptus International Folk Dance Cafe, and director of the International Folkdance Camp (IFC) in Kent, Connecticut. He has been teaching dance since 1955.

The Hora Israeli folk dance camp was held in 1979 and 1980 and merged with Summer Dalia in 1981 to become Hora Shalom at Cejwin Camps, which was directed by Moshe Eskayo and Danni Uziel. Hora Shalom camp continued through 1989.

Moshe “Moshiko” Itzchak-Halevy is the son of an old Yemenite family. He was born in 1932 in Jaffa, Israel (then Palestine) in the Menashiya district near the Yemenite Quarter. His first introduction to the world of dance was in 1949, through the study of classical ballet, character, modern, and jazz dance at the studio of Mia Arbatoba (for five years).


Moshiko did his military service within the framework of a military entertainment troupe, and upon termination of his service, was invited to appear in a number of musical programs as lead dancer. In addition, he devoted much of his time to the study of modern ballet and jazz.

In 1954, Moshiko joined the Yemenite Dance Theatre Inbal, where he became reacquainted with his origins by working for six years as one of their principal dancers. While participating in Inbal‘s two successful world tours, Moshiko fell in love with mid-eastern folklore and began to try his hand at the choreographing of folk dances.

In 1959, Moshiko created his first dances, Debka Uriah (known in America as Debka Habir), Debka Cana’an, and Et Dodim Kala. These dances expressed his strong personality and also paved the way for his acceptance among the acclaimed choreographers of Israeli dance. He has since created many more, thus establisning himself as one of Israel’s most famed and exciting folk dance choreographers.

Moshiko left Inbal in 1960 and founded his own group, Hapa’amonim (in Hebrew, “The Bells”), an Israeli group dedicated to folklore, dance, and song. For eight years he headed the group as choreographer and the group met with great success in Israel and was invited to appear in Europe. There, too, the group was very successful and enthusiastically received. In spite of being very busy with his own company, Moshiko did not neglect his ties with Israeli folk dance and continued to create dances such as Debka Kurdit, Ein Adir, Hamecholet, Tfilat Hasachar, and Ha Helech, in which he shows an individual, creative style of his own.

The Cultural Department of Arabs at The Worker’s Federation in 1966 appointed Moshiko as instructor and artistic advisor in Israel for minority groups, such as the Arabs, Cerkissians, and Druze. Moshiko terminated his activities with Hapa’amomim in 1968 and has since dedicated himself to teaching choreography and working with minority groups. Also in 1968, Moshiko was invited to teach dances for three months under the auspices of NEVO, the folk dance society of Holland. He was invited to bring three groups from Israel with him — Circissian, Druze, and Yemenite — so they could participate in both the Folklore Festival, held in Leyden, Holland, and the festival held in Scooten, Belgium.

Bio – Sources / Photos  http://www.phantomranch.net/

Israeli Folk Dancing had produced a healthy environment as the rolls of those who have met and danced together became married, forming long lasting friendships, and at times was the entry way for those who committed to themselves to Jewish conversions

None the less is the extreme masculine innate traits which appears in the chassidim dancing which depicts real muscular treatment of the same drives as does Israeli Folk Dancing.

From the beginning of Hasidism, teachers associated with the movement considered dance, along with music, an avenue of worship. In Hasidic thought and literature, dancing is both an expression and a stimulator of joy, and as such has a therapeutic effect. It purifies the soul and produces spiritual uplift, unites the community, and enhances social relationships; the tsadik’s dance may even encourage repentance.


Although some scholars associate the value assigned to dance with the central role of rejoicing in Hasidic lore, the various genres of Hasidic literature present a more variegated picture. The most important feature of dance is understood to be the theurgic aspect, which sees dance—and especially the mystical acts performed by great tsadikimas they danced (among them, Aryeh Leib, the Zeyde of Shpole; Levi Yitsḥak of Barditshev; Mosheh Leib of Sasov; and Ḥayim of Kosov)—as having an effect on the heavenly worlds. This aspect, rooted in Kabbalah, figures in works by both early and later Hasidic masters (Ya‘akov Yosef of Polnoye; Dov Ber, the Magid of Mezritsh; Naḥman of Bratslav; and, more recently, Aharon Roth, author of Shomer emunim) and is recounted in Hasidic stories; it undoubtedly influenced the idea of dance as a form of worship.

Source http://www.yivoencyclopedia.org/article.aspx/Hasidism/Dance



In areas of the 19th Century Russian Pale in communities such as Vilnus, and earlier, where even the “Ba; Shem ‘ Tov ” May Sweet Blessing be it on his name and remembrance…   ” B. H. ” …. has himself  dance this vigorous form of human expression – [  Source  ] Rabbi Hershel Greenberg, Chabad, Buffalo, New York, a comment he made after his dancing at its Simcha Torah Celebration, along with shots of Vodka on both 1977, and 1978, and other historic Russian Pale communities like Smolensk. Also in viewing across the mechitza (Hebrew: מחיצה, partition or division, pl.: מחיצות, mechitzot) in Jewish Halakha is a partition, particularly one that is used to separate men and women depicted likewise an attachment of strength to their children. This is one of the most explicit form of masculine demonstrations within a dance related cultural envelope on a global scale. Moreover, there are awesome social dancing during their wedding celebrations of similar communities in Monsey, New York which are really out of this world as the swet gain by such activity can fill an ocean.

This blog post was written explicitly for my facebook groups in which I administer, and those who I joined…tell convey the advise that when things are bad and the feelings pf gloom appears over ones horizon of ones own future — simply go and invest oneself in Israeli Folk Dancing, and it you are observant likewise approach Chabad to start a dance social as well. This advise goes triple for those simply want to share their joy. lives, and happiness earned with others most certainly…

May you and yours have every happiness. … ”  B.H. “….


The Zionist Power of Forming a Garin, and Triggering Additional Garinim.

Future Pioneers [ Garin ] for The Jewish State of Israel.


The development of a new Israeli community by creating a seed = Garin group within the present Israeli establishment through the Jewish Agency [ who must approve its existence and assign an area for settlement in Erez Yisroel. ] in New York City.

For example:

Can Cornell University, and Ithaca College Jewish Students  muster such a group along with local community members who are in the main are not affiliated with any Jewish based group; for their atheist tendencies, along with those who are connected through the unifying platform of Zionism?  This is unknown, but, never the less, sets a new agenda within the area, as well as through out both Europe and Canada.


Hachshara: This is the training session of a movement which supports the development of the Garin and during the Pre – Israeli state era there were several hachshara camps which existed in UpState New York, and in New Jersey representing several Zionist movements – especially Hashomer Hatzair. In today’s situation this can be a series of workshops located in ones residence or place of ones Biet Knesset or on a campus through a fully publicized Life, or Living Workshops. None the less, and from an internal leadership development several weekend camps must be part of it objective plans and that such weekend encounters must be done to a reasonable form of being isolated – this is a critical bonding issue in order for the group to develop its own internal cultural necessities to meet hardships in its early years of settlement activities within Erez Yisroel [ which means the West Bank area ], or in the Jewish State of Israel.

The basic question which will be asked by the Jewish Agency [ JA ] is what are the economic means in which the Garin can support itself once it, JA,  starts the actual Surveying of the land in which it is to be located in Erez Yisroel – which may be in the West Bank. Or it could be located in an Urban setting – with a Start – up Industry or service which has already started through its hachshara process.

There is a political process as well, but here the JA does not try to influence as long its members are Jewish – as JA will initiate a vetting process. Here is where the Garin can be either creative or conservative, or even Ultra – Orthodox. This represents Israeli law of return through and through and will never underscore the value it holds of each of its citizens, and future of additional citizens by this process.

Relationship Status for Facebook

More importantly the shared Jewish values in forming both a garin and into its process of hachshara several attachments will be formed both private and those of open friendships, and this underscores as well the need for the group to be more objective in its goals, and must meet the successful the economic foundation of the community it is beginning to create. for it is becoming its own sub – Jewish state of existence.


Thus in its objective the critical focus on child rearing application and education become all the more important as a result of the internal relationships are likewise are forming. This is where in addition to forming the economic means of the garin to exist — by which its members are able to developed a fully functional small scale community to the establishment of a entire city — the focus on its future children are immediately paramount, and thus the additional focus becomes vested in viewing security issues in which the JA will immediately assists.

Military service in The Israeli Defense Forces:

A needed additional focus… Once the view is brought to the attention of the members of the garin, the single aspect of serving in the Israeli Defense Froces immediately comes into view if you are under the age of 24 — on average of American ole inductees. The needed focus is that while one who is personally viewing one potential service in the IDF here in the United States, an additional conversation should take place within ones Jewish peers of their needed service in their local National Guards. The justification of this is that when one is accepted and is going through the process being trained the anxiety of what and who will be the IDF back up will come into play with ones human related anxieties.


The knowledge of having ones peers – friends in the their local National Guards creates an additional bond within the actual functioning structure  of World Jewry in the diaspora in the wake of increasing atheistic tendencies. Moreover, such bonds immediately creates an almost immediate strategic reserves for which the IDF creation itself was able to come about – especially in its first Air Force fighter wing with experienced World War Two American, Canadian, and British combat pilots destroying Egyptian Tank Brigades outside of Tel Aviv completely on their own during the Israeli War of Independence.  Moreover, and most important and key to such conversations is that being a member of the National Guard enhances their local Jewish community’s security, and that the single importance is that both the National Guard and the Israeli Defense Forces have initiated joint military rescue exercises in preparation for military combat exercises into the future. Thus in any Zionist session. especially on any University or College campus the introduction of joining ones National Guard immediately assumes its functioning role of importance.

The imperative of this, a National Guard with Jewish influenced member units, is that it create a more solid foundation back at ones original place of birth.

Join  The discussion with other Pro – Israel advocates..

Additions will be added ,,,,,,,,,,


To Destroy the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Against Israel Movement.

Place your like button after you find the link to the Jewish Rights campaign Facebook Page. A Facebook Group will be created later.

As per copy of Facebook page:


The following Facebook Page is the legal step by step process of existing case law. All one has to do is then apply the terms use below to those who are giving donations to such efforts such as the Boycott, Divestment,and Sanctions against Israel Movement and then you will see the legal forms in which to view deceptions, ruse and other items which suggest that what exist today are those efforts which are labeled as political actually may be criminal activity instead.

Is there criminal intent and criminal racketeering outcome of The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel Movement operating under the ruse of being represented as being political?

Once money is donated to such viewed political fronts, then those who are injured are those who have donated as the first party of such injury, and those who are the targets who are falsely accused and known to be false accused by those who are receivership acts of such donations are the second injured party.

Based upon my peer review this movement is totally criminal [ Which is to mean that the majority of such claims made to solicit funding and accusations to an entire peoples or region are highly irregular when compared to more direct proofs which are more direct in historical documentations, ], as the realities themselves on the ground portrays a less than specific proof of the allegations used, and thus are exploited for financial gain within the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel Movement.

Mr. Roger Meredith Christian, Ithaca, New York.



Introduction to The PTSD of the Survivors


A recent encounter at Collegetown Bagels at the Triphammer Mall, Ithaca, New York, August 13th, 2016 with a Jewish senior couple later triggered a memory from 40 years ago, and thus this personal note which reflects interviews with survivors in Southern Buffalo – who did not want to be associated with the local Jewish community. Moreover, as a trained Interviewer by Arthur Dance Studios Incorporated and its connection to behavioral science innovations, Gestalt therapy, to make sales a modified approach was developed to generate keywords and phrases to have the survivor to open up. I wish I never did this, as it did change my life forever, as well as estranged me from my own family.


The key phrase ” Your know when one takes a look at the photos and Nazi films for documentation the question is what happened to the flies. ” Then sudden’ly their memory is triggered as their lives and surviving is the answer as well as why there were no other insects or rats either. Thus the additional phrases were likewise discovered in which the survivors would open up. Why becoming a Vegan as a material diet means of re-adapting to life became imperative, and that a single birth between surviving couples were pretty much it for their human drives.


However, it was one incident which really caught one by surprise. The weather in and around Buchenwald concentration camp became foggy and the crematoria stacks were not high enough during this one day and the ash plumes made heavier by the moister of the fog fell upon both inmates and their Nazi captors who fled to their protective enclosures while the inmates did not escape. Later and immediately thereafter  were suicides, as their consciousness became aware what covered their bodies and what they were breathing in. Moreover, and the additional discovery is that their Nazi captors always demanded accurate body counts as well – denying additional means of surviving. And this is only a sample and why most survivors will not talk. A sad note is that after the liberation of such camps the flies returned to amazement of the survivors as they came back in droves. The survivors were too weak to move and special foods were prepared to insure what they gave would not assist in their deaths, so as such for a time duration of between four days to two weeks past before the survivors were able to be moved to hospitals which underwent emergency repairs as a result of allied bombings. This is central to their collected Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The Interviews were back in 1976, and 1977 …

Zionist Activism Now !


A United Jewish Israeli State is the fundamental civilization development block for regional stability in the Middle East. Here in the United States, and Europe Jewish rights activism is the only real check and balance against the rise of Sharia, and its impact upon the observers of Islam to force the surrender of Non – Muslim civilizations to Islamic Sharia. More importantly for we here in the United States of America the impact of observance to Sharia means the violent overthrow of the Constitution of the United States of America. Both the United Jewish Israeli State and Jewish rights activism are now at center stage in which World Jewry is now engaged in the struggle for ALL human civilizations to have the fundamental right to both progress, and full discovery of the Universe.

It is in the additional needed actions to developed garinim for territory consolidation based upon law, and treaty from which to reignite the spectacular successes of the Zionist youth movements of the 1970s. Moreover, the additional field of historic forensics, DNA, has established existing blood lines between the Arabs of Erez Yisroel and world Jewry; thus clearly indicating a future for healing the breech is the new cause for reconciliation for those to secure a place and purpose to live within this land Israel.

Combating both the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement, and hiring discriminacions against Jewish applicants for jobs at major corporations who have established corporate contracts with Arab nations, especially those who are member of OPEC, likewise defends human freedoms of discoveries both at the border and within society against those International forces which seeks the destruction of the United States. Jewish rights in which the American society has the right to discover who are the Jewish peoples by the ritual solemne and humble Jewish answer which is Yom Kippur; thus setting the cause for campus closer of academia. and secondary education which gives verification of this truth.

A Self – dedicated Warm, Loving and Giving Peoples. A self – dedication which is upon the most low and upon the most high are both vested with total humility; the real cause of why the Jewish Peoples exists today. Thereby all narcissism are shunned as they are cast out by observance..

Become active, establish committees where there exist voids in human understandings, and loss of activism, be informed, and take action now. Develop garinim for Israel’s future. Fight the BDS, and take hold of your future and hold those who do not hire because one is Jewish before the civil and criminal courts of the land. Hold issue workshops on your own. Become self – dependent as a Jewish rights activist, so to become independent to assure that neither genocide, nor mass persecutions shall never be present upon the Earth. Communicate to your FB group what you are discovering by your actions within your communities. It is more than apparent to enter such causes signify s a binding determination for the future global lessons to be learned in Erez Yisroel in the efforts of its peoples to become a United Jewish State of Israel. Then, and only then, the world will have finally learned how to survive with full human universal discoveries.

For the Greeks had Marathon, and now the Jewish Peoples / Israelis have the Jewish State of Israel, both at the task and fight for the future of human universal discovery.



Salvador Dalí (1904-1989) is one of the most famous and popular artists of the twentieth century.  Until recently, however, most critics and art historians considered only a small portion of his prolific output — that executed between 1929 and 1939, when he was in direct contact with the Paris Surrealists — to be worthy of serious study.  Over the past decade, there has been a revitalization of interest in Dalí’s art and writing of the 1940s through the 1980s, though that “renaissance” has concerned chiefly his paintings — his 1950s “Nuclear Mysticism,” his 1960s proto-Pop Art paintings, and his 1970s experiments with optical illusions — and, to a lesser extent, his films.  His enormous body of limited-edition graphic suites, in contrast, continues to await proper reassessment.  The Exhibit, Aliyah, The Rebirth of Israel(1968), organized as part of the dedicatory year for the Marcus Hillel Center of Emory University, leads that effort, buttressing the growing critical awareness and appreciation of Dalí’s later work through its reconsideration of what is surely one of the artist’s most visually appealing — and historically significant — graphic commissions.

Brussels: Lessons


To Ithaca, Cornell, and Ithaca College: Please be advised, as according to the norm of proper and pleasant prose of communications, that both the Jewish State of Israel, and World Jewry itself is now more, more, and more needed in the affairs of human events to make sense of what is now about to happen in the War of Islam against the Non Islamic World. Please note, always, in the meantime, that there are humanistic appeals which exist within this theological human idioms of religious Islamic dogma, its internal mechanism to maintain a emotional healthy population, but it is its political manifestation which leads the way of contradictions to make those who once posses individual pride, even spiritual centered ,must be made to be as a low servants to the vanity of others whose self determine character is both based on greed, and self narcissists perceptions of ones self. I am 68 YO, and what I can advise all of you, both Jewish and Non Jewish to stay strong in the single objective that indeed the rise of the Jewish State of Israel is indeed a human revolution in which the basis of the future state is based by consent of those who desire to live free. Everyone who is involved in the affairs of the creation of such Jewish State still are struggling to find the right solutions in democracy finding, but none the less, its is the biggest freedom struggle on the planet, and its outcome will solve the real fear we all share and that is the focus on life in its celebrations, and not to fear anymore..

Do not destain from being active in your local community, but be willing to lead, whether you are Jewish or not. For the acts of terror we now see is to install even a greater fear ridden of contradictions simply at the pleasure of others who celebrate in the fear and anxieties they have created as the flying shrapnel fragments from their body bombs rips through the flesh of living human honest and good beings. Causing death and the hope for destruction of human society, Lets stand up and become committed to be actively to say NO! We will not accept death of our societies anymore,

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meet me at the boutique

All things Fashion, Style and Life WordPress.com site


The website where movies count

Liberian ME

if music is life #play #on


life fashion & more

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All Romance Reads

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Humanity777's Blog

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enjoy NYC on a budget

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Come see the world from my loft

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