Palestine: The Arab Nationalizing Eretz Yisroel to The Unified Arab Nation

Arab Nationalism is the central cause to emerge into The Unification of the Arab Nation as depicted exclusively by the borders of the Arab members under the present title of The Arab League,


This is the nationalist Arab definitive — all though tribal in its genesis —view of what they perceived as their national destiny. Key to that destiny is the land known as Eretz Yisroel as the location, thereof,  is strategic militarily and the now very, very, very necessary agricultural resource territory to guarantee geographic geopolitical territory security necessary to unite the Arab World. Thereafter, having the strategic center in Arab total control  to defend it.

Thereby the emergence of The Arab Empire.

At the same time, and the even greater fear of whom within under their own civil and political administration by the various historic treaties of The Dhimmi, who they once called The Children of Death, rose from their living state of oppressions The Mizrachi Jewish Peoples who at times awoke to their national rights. I.E. Maimonides letters to the embattled Yemenite Jewish Communities.

There were other dhimmis, and in total what they represent is how Arabization of territories conquered were to suppress the ” civil “, and ” political rights ” of all Non – Arabs, even with the inclusion of those who have converted to Islam – but of whom maintained there national identities I.E. The Kurdish Peoples.

Thus Arab Nationalism ran right smack in the middle of an authentic people revolution inspired by the over a thousand years of being oppressed by the Arabs, and other Islamic interests such as the Ottoman Turkish Empire. First to be successful to break the chains of civil and political slavery, Middle East Jewry.

These treaties, The Dhimmi is still held as legal within The Arab World unknown to outsiders.

The full impact of a people revolution to obtain equal civil and political rights inherited by ethnic centered nationalist identity has broad internal political fear significance among the leaders of the Arab League itself – via its historic leadership inspired by Nasser themselves as, or are indeed real DNA  Arabs.

Egypt is not ethnically an Arab nation — define by DNA — , but is controlled by the Elite Arabs who controls its military.

Likewise, is Iran being control by an Elite Clerical Arab Minority ???

Other Arab states — IE Syria — have similar tracks of DNA — which are now problematic.

The Mask of The Arabs striped. And its darken fascists veils, very much similar to Arab women wearing such mysterious veils as both are controlled equally by Arabization of conquered peoples as equal to exploitation of Arab women within the Arab tribal context.  Both based within the Arab male – centric  ego to control by tribal covenants to obey.

The mystery of common Arabs is whom one obeys ?

How the Arab world has an Independent insular existing world:

Even though Israel has two effective Peace Treaties, Eygpt, and Jordan there has been no change in The Arab League’s Charter which supports The creation of Palestine.

As per its first Annex to its charter which follows.

(1) Annex Regarding Palestine
Since the termination of the last great war the rule of the Ottoman Empire over the Arab countries, among them Palestine, which bad become detached from that Empire, has come to an end. She has come to be autonomous, not subordinate to any other state.
The Treaty of Lausanne proclaimed that her future was to be settled by the parties concerned.
However, even though she was as yet unable to control her own affairs, the Covenant of the League (of Nations) in 1919 made provision for a regime based upon recognition of her independence.
Her international existence and independence in the legal sense cannot, therefore, be questioned, any more than could the independence of the other Arab countries.
Although the outward manifestations of this independence have remained obscured for reasons beyond her control, this should not be allowed to interfere with her participation in the work of the Council of the League.
The states signatory to the Pact of the Arab League are therefore of the opinion that, considering the special circumstances of Palestine and until that country can effectively exercise its independence, the Council of the League should take charge of the selection of an Arab representative from Palestine to take part in its work.

Thus giving The Palestinian Authority its vestige, and only vestige.

Moreover, the attached references to the League of Nations there was no signatory agreements by its support powers — those powers being British, French, and Japanese —  which have granted ‘ no ‘ any other rights other than complete delegation to the British Mandates involve. Thus the Arabs in so appointing such an annex were dreaming. Dreaming of completing Arab Unity.

What one should always note:


That any real peace between Israel, and hopeful with the rise of The Kurdish Nation included,  that any peace treaty signed with Arab member states, and or agreed with Israel, a select Arab committee within The Arab League must then review the historic Dhimmi as void as a result.

If not then such treaties are transits agreements only.


That Western peradventures’ diplomacy, looking for the International Nobel Golden Ring of Peace Award that in the present end of the Arab objective of Peace of Israel are likewise additionally nationalists’ challenged in their nationalist objectives to bring back the dhimmi – in the end.


The Arabs need bread – as Israel is the agricultural prize;

The Arabs need a geographic land bridge to defend an Arab Empire;

The singular importance of Suez Canal became more important overall by its demonstrated closure between 1967 to 1973. as Israeli Defense Forces have demonstrated military effectiveness in taking the Sinai.

All meaning Israel is at risk, and that one has to stop and start to really focus who are The Arabs.

You start by looking at Arab states’ existing laws and additional attentions on Committees notes – memorandums  of The Arab League.