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I am the administer of the following Israeli related Facebook groups
United Jewish Israel One State Solution
Israelis in NY
Plus membership in others.
More importantly through the North American Jewish Students’ Network I became Nationally known for both Jewish rights and the fundamental and very basic rights for the existence and emergence of the Jewish State of Israel 1973 – 1982.  This all started at Camp Ramah in April  1975 which developed Israel Awareness Week during April 1976 at 246 College and University campuses in which I represented The Hillel Graduate Club [ membership of University Buffalo’s grads and young adults ages 24 to 34 ], State University of New @ Buffalo; this can be verifies by Israeli Dr. Yossi ben Dak who promoted there his Foundation for Arab – Israeli Reconciliation. I maintained this full delegate equal membership between April 1975 to February 1982. Moreover, all doors were open to me by every NYC Israeli and Zionist related organization, and even a file maintained at NYC Israeli consulate.
Requested is for someone in your media group to join and advise of issues concerning the IDF.  Moreover, and please be likewise advised that at all times I must remain transparent.
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During July of 1975 Someone from Facilities Planning State University of New York @ Buffalo invited me to dinner paid for by UB administration. there I was in privately thanked. The American Civil Liberties Union issued an official legal complaint against SUNY for allowing the a campus based office and local issue of telephone services to the Jewish Student Union, an official recognized student run organization by the Student Association of the State University of New York at Buffalo. In their review of the complaint they discovered my membership with this organization since I accepted JSUs invitation to join during the Yom Kippur War. As a result, though in very carefully crafted words they, UB told the ACLU to go to hell. What the administration discovered is the reaction by both Jewish and Non – Jewish Students / Scholars to both my activism and JSU’s leadership in my membership and all actions therefrom. The picture which emerged is the campus wide community discovered that the Jewish Peoples were a Self – Dedicated Warm, Loving and Giving Peoples. The actions and all efforts taken resolved all tensions between Jewish and Non – Jewish Students / Scholars at the State University of New York @ Buffalo, and gained the full support of the Student Association for JSUs appeals to close the campus on both Yom Kippur and Rosh HaShannah; which the campus did later.
There are other items, none the less, and I sincerely wish both you and yours every happiness.  … ” B.H.”
Roger M. Christian, Ithaca, NY 607 – 279 – 9945