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Why No Two State Solution – The Crux of the Arab Movement in Erez Yisroel.
According to the General Union of Palestinian Students, 1973 – 1983, which still exist after and during its transfer from the PLO, under the General Unions Division of the Palestine National Council to the PA, they view their real goal is to become the leaders of a United Arab State / Nation. Furthermore, they as Palestinians are the conscious of the Arab world in which they have repeated in most of their literature they have passed out at major European, Canadian, and American Colleges and Universities. They see themselves as heroes in the struggle for Arab unity and fully recognize the additional foot hold they will be able to obtain with other Arab Youth movements when Jerusalem is their Internationally recognized capital and its further negative affects upon Israeli Jewry – or as they have hoped.
Their entire movement is Pan – Arabist based and are narcissist politically among other Arab leaders and are, as a result are not trusted by the Arab world. Their real intentions is based upon the geopolitical realities of who ever controls Erez Yisroel has the territory keystone for regional power, and military control from the Judean Heights. Their additional intentions is to further their goals for Pan Arab Leadership control by likewise taking control of the Kingdom of Jordan. The degree of such narcissists dreams almost assumed a mystical aura at several leading world academia cultures in which their resulting gains were more based upon the romance involved in their movement for a United Arab Nation than the consequences involved; the genocide of Middle East Jewry.

Conclusion is that the PA knows it can not allow Two states within Erez Yisroel as it will undermine its future leadership within the Pan Arabist Movement its leaders desire some day to lead. This is direct education and the evidence is printed, authored and use by the Palestinian Authorities – and their sub movements.

To prepare ones stance in viewing International Islam is in the following.

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Why Islam is a ruse one must go to what happen to Germany during the destruction of its sophisticated, European liberal social programs, and dedicated technological civilization.
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In order for Adolf Hitler to obtained his vision of becoming a G – D, which his book Mein Kampf was to assist his efforts to achieve, he had to declare war on the Unified German Civilization created by Bismarck. It was how Bismarck’s intelligence as a leader through his Junkers’ centered administration base, and modern political science applications therewith who knew the granting the full franchise to German Jewry would lead to Germany’s rapid unification, and thus both became dependent on the additional dynamics which he also embedded during his unification process…IE social welfare programs.
World War One almost destroyed this, but it was Hitler’s obsession of hatred of World Jewry which became the key to his first victory in the destruction of the Unified German Civilization which allowed it be replaced with the emerging Nazi civilization his political ends to become a living deity. The co – dependency which guaranteed the survival of the German civilization to overcome the loss of World War One was destroyed in the resulting Genocide of European Jewry which followed his political take over of Germany.
Study the contrast between Bismarck and Hitler and you will get the point of current doctrine of all fascist in as much as their sole desire is to likewise to cause the Genocide of Middle East Jewry in order to be masters of the Earth. Islam is only a ruse!!!!!!!!

In view what is happening in Europe, the focus of this short is on Germany, and it indicates how one approaches the subject while disarming those who want to jump on you….


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The Merkel, the Present German Leader’s, Massive Syrian Muslim Refugees Integration Efforts..
Merkel and a significant portion of Germans of her age when she was a teen, as well as the German society of this era and time all under went an epic Post traumatic Stress Disorder from their guilt in their nations genocide of European Jewry. Thus expectations of those Germans, like Merkel, have a very strange form of psychotic passive behaviors which to one is not trained in observation will miss – labeled as being liberal behaviorism even humanistic. Merkel’s acceptance of massive Muslim refugees is one its strange ends.
Thus a strange effort, even culturally estrange from those unique cultural traditions which made the German civilization unique, Merkel believes foolishly she is rebuilding the German civilization in its present effort to culturally united the Eastern and Western resultant Germanys after the destruction of the Berlin Wall. What she has missed in her vision is how Bismarck [ the reason why the German Imperial Battle Flag is used in this posting ] saw and knew in his development to bring German Jews — an equal liberated franchise —- into his vision of a united Germany which came faster as a result of how he did it. Bismarck was also involved in developing the German vision of Zionism as well based in Berlin and forced the Turks not to raid the Zionist Settlers in Erez Yisroel. As a result. the Ottoman Turks who followed his appeal got full development of an infrastructural railway system which was contracted to a Berlin firm owned by Jewish Germans. Germany today needs a Bismarck and not a delusional Merkel.

With the initial success of Black Lives Matter their leadership was invited to the West bank and met with Arab leaders and were turned over their side so…….

Focus on Black Lives Matter:


There are those who in their youth and who grew up with stories of glory in the struggle for civil rights knew they have missed out in one of the most important era of our, those of us who were teens then, times. Thus they have a real desire to feel connected to this past and thus all the present rhetoric and then the subsequent violence is their only way, as they feel, to be connected to the glories of this past Glory Road to Black History.. It is that simple.

What they, the youth who are rambling through this recent trend have missed out on is the need for struggling Black African nations to find a lobby within the United States to assist in their efforts to become economic self – dependent, Black African economic self – dependency is likewise the inner city means for economic leverage for freedom of both movement and location to escape the cycle of Black on Black violence, as well as promoting wider inter – city start ups to begin an economic boom where there was once poverty and slums

Then later this ….

Rosa Parks: The Mother of the Civil right Movement.


During the radical 70s there were several if not all major Black American leadership who finally made discoveries on their own initiatives and funding which scared off major Arab propaganda fronts forcing them to retreat in their views, and thus the Arabs settled in their, efforts and success in making the UN an Anti – Jewish Superstitions International Launching pad through their infamous Anti – Zionist Resolution.

What scared them was the Black America in Support Israel Committee Ad.

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