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The impact of ISIS is just starting, as the article has indicated, while at the same time reports of Arab Israelis are now joining in fighting along side ISIS is on the increase. What this indicates is the real objective of ISIS propaganda, along with its public be’headings have shown, as well as open state craft of genocide, is to inflame latent hatred of both Jews, Christians, and most of all humble Muslims — for in ISIS’s views are religious traitors, to join ISIS. What the Arab world, and the rest of us should likewise focus, is the end target of ISIS objective of destruction is the humanity within those who still believe is Islam. Past Hillel Director, Buffalo, NY Rabbi Justin Hoffman said about Nazism, ” is that in order for the Nazis to commit the German peoples to the genocide of European Jewry, they first had to destroy the German civilizationt.” Right now, the State of Israel is on the fore front battle to save the humanity within the global community, and to that we should thank G-D for the evolution of the Israeli civilization. email me at ithacafalcon@aol.com for your comments.

Anti-Semitic graffiti on Judaism’s holiest site must serve as a wake-up call to end Islamist violence, provocations, say activists.
ערוץ 7 בפייסבוק