The Israeli Economy Re-engages

There are at times where one must throw out logic, and look at the human consequences.
What brought on the Covid – 19 pandemic crisis ?.
Yet, the Israelis saw it as an enemy to be destroyed, like others who sought Israel’s destruction.
Immediately Gantz, with the title of being the next Prime Minister near in his political goals, reflected his Jewish – Israeli response, he must work with BibI in forming a unity government. There amazing aspects is that later the Blue and White discovered the real attentions of their Arab partners; their Anti – Jewish cleansing of any reference of the political entity of Jewish being attached to a state to which they were elected.
Suddenly the lockdown, and immediate mobilization of the Israeli Defense Forces with unified attachments to Israel’s remarkable unity Health and Welfare national systems. Note, therefore in addition, the unity Israeli Health systems includes Arabs, and Palestinians. One now can see the hand of ” General Gantz ” behind this.
As the majority of those recent Israeli Startups, most of whom are IDF veterans and reservists, initiated their companies business plans to recapitulate the prosperous Israeli Economy they created Pre – Covid.
The attacks against the Covid – 19 carried by massive displays of unity cooperation, and slowly and constantly following up, which most experience during their disciplined IDF training, the erosion of the effects and spread of the Covid – 19 started to achieve victories. This was hard work, and no one liked the death counts of the virus, as no Jewish Israeli desires not even one death.
Now with the accomplished missions at this time prevails as so far known degree of public health safety, the command was issued.
Reengage the economy.
Fingers are now crossed everywhere, even those in the Palestinian Authority, a large sector of the Arabs they service are Israeli private sector dependent.
The aspect now, with Israeli medical systems still anxious of the resulting health impacts on Israeli society, is that Israel’s economy is the first to be engaged in both the Middle East and Europe, though Sweden took a different path. The ‘ expected ‘ impact is the recapitulation of the Israeli prosperous economy through the national unity which was / is triggered by experienced developments combating the Covid – 19 enemy.
What is understood by those who labored, and will labor as a shield against this virus is that both the Jewish ‘ National ‘ State of Israel was endanger, and the advent of a virus creating another Holocaust was self – evident through out the Israeli healthy operational focus,
With the economic strategic conscious national decision, and with other nations looking for some degree to reengage either in July, or August, the Israeli nation now stands as a world leader in global economic recovery. This sends chills through out Iran, whose physically weaken forces were thrown out of Syria by the Israeli Air Force; This is the military gift added as now Iranian backed militias, who are likewise weaken, are issued to the Golan, yet, are now trapped between health related issues, and the insanity of Iran;s global expectations,
Thus now its’ up ‘ to the Israeli Startup Economic Magnets who are given their opportunity to recapitulate the Israeli prosperous economy. A sense of unity is also deeply Internationally felt, triggering the present Economic Aliyah Wave. None the less, in their business plans the leadership of the companies they created also secured International codependent companies. by contract in mutual company developments, market access, and credits.
This, as we all are crossing our fingers, the world is going to be different when the virus is dead as the Israeli Medical Research Labs are now in the testing of vaccines; the death nail of the virus.
Stay tune,
May you and yours have every happiness … ” B.H, “
The Israeli Economy FB admin.
P.S, The Answer to the initial question. The incompetency of the Health Ministry of the Peoples Republic of China, and its native bats.

Israel Information Center Ithaca shared a post.

Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Center reopened its doors to the public today, allowing no more than 350 people at a time

Israel Information Center Ithaca Launches Information Search.

Facebook as a social media is an excellent opportunity to discover, and appreciated.

Information search:

Two years effort so far completing a factual based – led discovery who are the Arab Ottoman Empire approved, forced, and promoted migrations b ‘ Aretz.

Wanted your knowledge of the plight of the Mizrachi in Arab – Turkish control areas. The need for incidents of lynching of Mizrachi who sought their ‘ Civil Rights ‘ is an imperative source.

The encouraged area for your future needed post is to published those family’s published Middle East travel journals which are gathering dust in their home libraries.


Israel Information Center Ithaca

” B. H. ” A picture of a thousand words and histories only in Israel.

The objective of this Facebook page is to report those stories. All posts are quality checked, and thus those who register a like on this page have accurate information in which they can use in future posts on Facebook.
The author of this page has over 1,200 Facebook friends / contacts whuch as a media group represents major Pro – Israel posts within various Facebook groups and pages, This is the core of The Facebook Pro – Israel Community.
This community fully acknowledges the single importance in sharing discoveries and thus will immediate agree in sharing post they have published.
Why ?
There are discoveries of published factual reports which are extremely valued for Israeli survival and economic stability..

Those sources of information used by other authors are likewise protected ” only if ” such authors spin the information used is not spin’ed out of source context.
Posts must be factual and sources used must remain in their original context.
Major authors are likewise encouraged to be cosigners of this page by requests in this page’s inbox.
Most important:
One – such source information posted meets the critical requirements for High School and Freshman University academic papers.
Most of all ..
Those who are members of this Facebook page by posting a like are encouraged to do field searches for Middle East Family travel journals.
The focus of searches …
between 1810 to 1952 several upper class families would have their travel journals published in hard cover book forms. This was the blogs of their time as the same famlies who have such journals in their resident libraries are now publishing blogs, websites and are involved in social media.
Random circulations is the number published from a 100 into the tens of thousands of those journals endorsed by their nation’s historical societies.
If you discover such journal then post which then will appear in the community section of this page…

Up-Dated Mission: The Fourth Jewish Revolt

” B. H. ”
The Jewish peoples of the Jewish ‘ National ‘ State of Israel now stands at a historic point of human history to become completely liberated by becoming a united nation.
This is the ends of the present ,,,
‘ The Fourth Jewish Revolt













When in the course of their struggles to succeed in their revolt a nation has risen in which needs for no other beliefs other than the one which begat their destiny.
It is in the resulting deep personal introspection of the Holocaust of European Jewry which was forced upon World Jewry by Non – Jewish civilizations which triggered the need to find who they are as a nation first – with an independent civilization.
Here and here alone the resolve to become child-rearing centered became their national priority. Thus immersed in traditions of core Jewish values in the raising and child – rearing health immediate central needs, the latent national innate character of being Jewish emerged to confront those civilizations which once forced them to be servants of Non – Jewish interests.
Here before the world in the raising of children to be Warm, Loving, and Giving Human Beings the Israeli character has been slowly and carefully forcing adults to be the role models for Israeli children as a whole – both Jewish and Non – Jewish.
That as the now national priorities of attention upon the future of children the central discovery of original human love became the single discovery in the rearing of children and children alone – as the ends of the objectivists observance of Yom Kippur became the rally to become at last a Jewish nation.


The centrality of the Israeli Child – Rearing Centered Based Civilization is based solely upon the human character of original human love.
Whereas other civilizations are subjective base the Israeli civilization is breaking away in its revolt to become objectivists with the full intent to live happier lives in the benefit of future children to come in the following generations.


Both Abraham and Sarah would be proud in the family they established is now on the trek they started.
A trek to destroy the emotional cancer of narcissism and thus to obey their LOVE covenant to be fruitful and multiply upon the United Lands of Yisroel.

Facebook Group Link:

A Hate Alert:

A hate alert:
The American – European political culture is in the throes of becoming more narcissists in which various progressives have trapped themselves within their own mythical political world negating the personal rights of those who are not a part of their upper middle political class.
The foundations of the present rise of global Anti – Jewish Superstitions / Anti – Semitism grew from their, this  political class, dangerous racists mythologies about Black / African American Fathers.

Thus in this trap they have garner a portion of American Jewry within inter-economic dependencies rooted by patronage political existing employment and thus pledged loyalty .
who are …
Pro – Israël.
Every effort should be made to those who you personal know and share the following .CDC report as an opening for coalition development..
Why ?
Mythology of Black / African Fathers, its racist persona of political intent created likewise the Anti – Jewish Superstition of Israeli Jewry..

The Black Press Article.

Nationalists’ Jewish Resistance to Combat Covert Assimilation. The Ethnic Liberation of American Jewry.

The Nationalist’s Resistance = Discovery..

The establishment of community Chug Chavurahs to facilitate Settlement Houses for outreach to / for unaffiliated Jewish Americans and Israelis for the purpose of developing an ethnic core community to promote The Infra State Nation of Israel. Upon which the further establishment of Israeli / Jewish ” Nationalists’ Community centers and after being  established are open to the adjacent Jewish Community memberships. That upon completion of the Settlement House to the final construction of Israeli Jewish Nationalists’ Community Centers the identity of such acquired becomes Jewish Israel / US Israelis.


The core citizenship of being an Israeli is the World Jewry role model for all in the Jewish diaspora.  Thus in The United States is the Gal Gadot challenge as she presents herself as a Jewish role model as well.

The defining aspect of citizenship as a model resistance to covert assimilation, and thereby maintained personal Jewish Rights and Heritages:
The creation of such a community, the necessity, and extension of developing core leadership is the development of role model citizenship responsibilities to join the local National Guard Units / Military Reserves in which the military culture
[ Which also may include certain degrees of secret security clearances.] of Unit Cohesion is therefore, becomes transcended into Pro – Self Security Community Cohesion, and a define Pro – Nationalists’ leadership as well – with established standings within American internal security { I.E. The National Security Agency }.


The central immediate benefit is the positive impact of future employers accepting resumes which have a service record to be at the head of the list to be hired. This likewise mimics The Israeli Private sector as well which includes US Military service in the same interests hiring those who served in The Israeli Defense Forces.
The overall objective is to Marry Jewish, and to advance Jewish child
rearing cultural futures as well as to create a cultural outreach,
The ” Prime Cultural Outreach “..
Mesorah field operations, to counter the escalation rates of Mix Jewish – Non Jewish Marriages by direct action in which to bring the Non Jewish spouse into the Jewish fold with cooperation of the Orthodox Young Israel Movement.
Therefrom and wherefore Credit Unions are then created and their US Israel sponsored housing projects establishes an extended community from either memberships from the local Settlement House, or Israel / Jewish Nationalists’ Community Centers.  In addition both Reconstruction [ for those of more secular observances ], and Young Israel congregations will be the two alternatives as suggested only of each member to choose and therefore promoted. At the core of The Nationalists’ resistance is the central rally to The Thirteen Principles of Jewish Faith for ” All ” American Jewry.

That in such Nationalists’; development by and for individual ” Birthrights ‘ are Auto Jewish Israelis of The Jewish State of Israel.

All the above has been obtained by reviews with both social networks of Twitters, Facebook pages / groups, and others.   They also give vivid importance to the PEW reviews, and why the conference between Israelis and American Jewry failed in Atlanta, Georgia.


This article is their Nationalists’ consensus of resistance and how such resistance is viewed in the promotion of The Ethnic Liberation [ The rise of a Jewish private sector by marketing cultural industrial goods and services ] of American Jewry and ” Birthrights  Aliyah ”

Thus Settlement Houses also becomes each community’s garinim [ with business plans for startups. ] to produce additional settlements, or industries in The Jewish State of Israel and the future unification of American Jewry and Jewish Israeli to create role model civilizations in both the Middle East and The United States. The crux of which is Jewish futures in child rearing.



Action in Judea and Samaria Israel

” B. H. ”
Action is needed to develop additional settlements within Area ” C ‘ which compasses both Judea, Samaria, and the complete strategic Jordan Riff Valley.
Added March 5th, 2019. …

The European Union is assisting the Palestinian Authority in a land grab – race to gain territory in Area ” C “.
Thus every Pro – Israel Facebook must support what is known within the Israeli Knesset as the …
Shamir Plan to settle two million Israeli Jews in Area ” C ‘.\
[[[ See details as per – link ]]]


The challenge for this group:
The development of a group’s sponsorship of a Garin – which in Zionist terms means a community seed to produce a Jewish Agency recognize group necessary to acquire the territory necessary to create an established settlement.
Every Garin has the right to develop its own independent community along with choice of political ideals and likewise form of Jewish observances, and with its own economic start up company / business..
Whose interested and why will be accepted in ‘this topic thread. following comments. All others off topic will be deleted.

Additional note of what is a Garin SEE LINK –…/the-…/

Israeli Population Growth Futures Assured.

Why women should be allowed to join The Israeli Defense Forces, and why are they do so now.
The qualities of civilizations are solely determine by one fact issue alone, and no other.
That issue is:Rape and Consent.The issue of a Woman’s / Womyn’s consent, and the ethnic connectives between World Jewry and the Peoples of both India, and China are all against Rape.
The historic issue of a Woman’s consent, and their ethnic connectives between World Jewry and the Peoples of both India, and China is central to this awareness / self – reflections. The single discovery of the loss of the Mother at the first, and sadly Child Birth was mostly connected and is a continued response of her Post Traumatic Stress Rape Induced Disorder — which was further modified by additional abuse by the same attacker. Often the child was also lost. Thus both these societies were the First to be organized civilizations were able to procreate successful increased birth rates by consent alone.
This continues to this day.
This was also central to the evolution of the Family Community Structures of the. then, Captive Nation of Israel witnessed by the Early Dynasties of Egypt which prompted the legacy of Mosses and his escape of being put to the sword as an infant. The Egyptians saw and could not comprehend the rapid population explosions they  came as a result of Consent to the Mother surviving her first child birth increased frequencies. The additional aspect of the rapid rise of population increase under the slavery or captivity by Egypt represented the early stages of Jewish / Israel National resistance which Moses was able to assert his leadership. This also represented his at times fair judgments towards the rights of women when compared to other existing societies of his time and era. Moreover, in his administrative experiences before his exile he saw the connections between forced labor, sexual unions, and slavery under the rule of Egypt. Thus he could not ignore the gleaming success of his kin.
What the Arabs fear are the varied connections between consent and healthy population growths which they are unable to establish themselves, and thus the additional modifications of the Dhimmi prohibitions in areas which there were increases to birth rates among Non – Muslims.
This is the critical aspect of the ends of the National Liberation of The Jewish Peoples, and why assimilation of Jewry to other beliefs or ethnicities have opposite affects. The critical aspect of a Woman’s consent is the driving engine for Israeli population success in which inclusion of women in the Israeli Defense Forces have proved their positive aspect once becoming reservist, and wives. Increases in their consented  birthrates hinges on their economic standings within Israeli society, and that their ability of getting better paying jobs has been linked to her service in the IDF. This also reflects an instinctual drive against threats of extinction, voiced now  by Arab inspired International hatred of Israel, as well, and the silent resistance answer to the Holocaust outside Rabbinical authority-as it is that ” gendered ” personal. The same is even more graphic among the Orthodox settlers in the West Bank leading their fellow communities in Pre June 1967 borders in actual birth rates. The religious connections between Consent and Settlements with Rabbinical authority unaware of why.
This is also the cornerstone of why Israeli Dads are the bests.
Thus with this in mind there are further connections which need to be made between the People of Israel, India, and China as the evolution of their civilizations were able to focus and facilitate the rise of a woman’s rights to consent, and that rape is a crime against society and a danger to ones nation itself.
RMC Recognized volunteered researcher Anti – Rape Task Force. State University of New York at Buffalo [ Documented 1990 to 1992. ]

” B. H. ” The National Jewish Peoples Liberation of The Torah NOW “

This reflects the unknown and yet discoveries of what Zionism is today.  I.E. Ha ‘ Mesorah Ha ‘ Yisroel B’ Arez and if focuses on the needed double return to the foundation blocks itself in order to have a Jewish, then to Yisroel’s  connections to The Torah itself. Which can be only be facilitated by the Peoples of The Jewish State of Israel in their broadest democratic terms.


This became all too apparent when United States Secretary of State John Kerry made the historic Anti – Jewish Superstition center comment. ” A State Cannot Be Both Jewish and Democratic. ”

This the following posting was immediately made in response to this Official historic Anti – Jewish Slur and reveals the need to come to terms with the end game of Zionism itself, and its future role through a total liberated Jewish State of Israel. A state in the throws of Democracy findings and  who are now undergoing The Historic The First Child Rearing Centered Base Civilization  within the both the 20 th and the 21 st centuries the Jewish / Israeli answer to both the Genocide of European Jewry, and the attempted Genocide of Middle East Jewry which was initiated by the First and Second Arab invasions of Erez Yisroel.


The time has come for the Historic Forensics, the DNA of Erez Yisroel to facilitate the return of the Ethnic Judeans of their ancestral Jewish roots in addition to their being historic victims to forced conversion to Arab Islam in the Arab invasions of Erez Yisroel, including both rape and sodomy rape in their national physical and sexual demonstrations of power over Middle East Jewry; their,the Arab Nation masters over the ethnic Judeans, which exist today in the West Bank. Thus, this the new political edge of National Liberation and the rise of the Ethnic Judeans.


And as the following facebook postings.

Truth within the Middle East with regards to the present scope of solutions and state status has always ignored the internal dynamics of a people who for ever reason have been identified as Palestinian, None for ever has ever been wise is that within this term beats the hearts of a greater representative ethnic identity, and other minor identities than this term itself. It was and still is, in addition, here within the US another term known as ” Diversity “.
It has been the overall failure of Western Powers to recognize within the term, Palestinian,and its perception to the peoples ” diversities “; the Judeans, the Arabs, the Grecco-Romans, the Euros, and the Bedouin existing within the West Bank.
Among which has caused a wider cap of those whose real primary ethnological .identity being Ethnically Jewish, and further have political separate the future of their families in finding a living and prosperous life B ‘ Arez. Thus the continuation of their historic centered crime of being victims to forced conversions to Arab Islam centuries ago has left a tragic circumstances in which to find a living with happiness caused by political and ethnic suppression of the Arab dictates of a corrupt Palestinian Authority.
The roots of return have always had a political edge in as much as its has indicated that in order for World Jewry to have a single right to defend common human dignity of self as being Jewish demanded a Jewish State. That political edge became both cultural, social, and spiritual once Jewish Settlements alone appeared, and a nationality was created. However, the historic return of those living on the land did not begin their return to their ethnic Jewish roots for they have never were granted their central rights to self – determination ever,,,,,,, their historic loss of dignity,.Leaving the early settlers ignorant of their potential and future allies for a Free Jewish State with full dignity of Yisroel.
The final peace within the land is likewise so based and not false political expectations of two state status to qualify itself to the interest of either Western Powers, or the Arab Nation, The reality is that those whose Historic Forensics, DNA, have their own path to return, They will have to make the harder return than those who first constructed and are constructing Settlements, It may be in the histories ahead that their return signify the real power of The Torah. Science is neither political nor have any form of discrimination as science is about provable truths to project upon the Human map progressive discoveries.

It is now time for those living, hoping, and with awesome anxieties about their future to make the choice for their return, in as much as it is for them to discover either their own real ethnology, and then The Torah study fist.

Join in the issue by joining United Jewish Israel One State Solution @

Thus uncovering a new challenge of both idealism and human discoveries which will shock the world in the real evils it will uncover finally.

Thus my answer to John Kerry from a Vietnam Veteran


A state in the throws of Democracy findings and  who are now undergoing The Historic The First Child Rearing Centered Base Civilization  within the both the 20 th and the 21 st centuries the Jewish / Israeli answer to both the Genocide of European Jewry, and the attempted Genocide of Middle East Jewry which was initiated by the First and Second Arab invasions of Erez Yisroel. To include by total National Liberation the Israelis, and ethnic Judeans upon the future of their children,

Ha’Mesorah B’Arez Yisroel

Israel Information Center Ithaca focus on Mesorah Yisroel

Mesorah Yisroel :  What is now happening within Israel is the rise of an extremely vibrant combination of several very personal interests and beliefs all converging to develop both a single identity, but more graphically a very dramatic affirmation of National Unity. At the very levels of exciting human expressive hearts of both the positive and negative forms of discourse from several individual consciousness and experiences is the single question of how to reassert/restore lost national institutions which existed during the eras of the Kingdom/Kingdoms, and what existed before the invasion of The Roman Empire. Presently there are several Israeli movements who have very sincere beliefs systems that they have the answer. The center of such discourse is/how to legitimize ones beliefs by actual proof the transmitting information/spiritual dynamic involved, and its/their social and political calls for return. Return of social, cultural, political, and spiritual national institutions B’AreZ Yisroel. Thus the effort, the socio – cultural designed end resultant from which diverse interests for, and that wants to achieve a national identity return mimics Rabbinical Mesorah within the implied information/spiritual connected dynamic of the transmitting justification as the basis of the reestablishment of national institutions which were once lost. Parallel to the Rabbinical discourse of study and judgement concerning their program view of Mesorah, which likewise support their call for World Jewry to study The Torah, is the present existing ethos of Mesorah Yisroel. The ends of which is the full national Jewish, then Israeli expectations of the complete erasure of The Roman Curse from Jewish, then World Jewry’s consciousness.

Today Israel is an ever advancing Modern State whose technological advances can now compete with any existing global power.

The Modern Jewish State of Israel got this way through its comparatively [ In the comparison to the history of the Jewish/Israel Peoples. ] short history and present existing operating traditions of a democracy. This often clashes with traditional Jewish observant forms. I.E. Israeli Haredim. None the less, it is the Israeli defense Force which has maintain the nations unity, as well as a glowing tolerance endemic in social Jewish cultural norms.

It is here, and along with the national start ups of the Israeli nationhood is the innovative development of the Kibbutz were the needs to establish security forces became absolutely necessary. Thus the appearance of Jewish Settlers with guns initiated counter strikes against those who raided their settlements and members for both plunder and murder. Small groups became increasing more effective from the needed human cohesion necessary to carry out strategically effective military operations took root. With more advance military organizations from small resistance fighters to full scale divisional levels, unit cohesion became paramount in the every day organization and training to maintaining effective Israeli defense military structures. Once combat was initiated everyone had to know their duty and operational responsibility involved. Everything from supply, logistics, life saving aid of the wounded, and developed reserve forces as back up all were directed to support those who were fighting on the front lines; and along with the Israeli tradition attacking to destroy the enemy first before the enemy destroys the Israel forces in the field of combat. Any distraction of such an organization operation would mean immediate impact in the rise in the death body counts of those who were fighting in the field. The greater the unit cohesion, the less likely it members would be killed in combat.

From IDF Sabra to his child, his full loving devotions devoid of any narcissists contempt, the Israeli answer to those who seek the Genocide of Middle East Jewry through the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel.

Israel has had the great fortune to have those who served in the Israeli Defense Forces of whom are constantly at the hard emotional and physical preparation for unwanted [ Their is no conscious Israeli desire for wars.] combat. That including in the emotional preparation for combat operations is the full realization that the leading distraction cause which attacks unit cohesion are personal bouts of narcissism, and narcissism alone. Specifically the scope of training and how training evolved — though not really known as of yet — is that in the emotional training of each member of the Israeli Defense Forces are likewise emotionally protected the First, Second, and Third Principles of Jewish Faith, thereby auto – rejecting narcissist inclinations in their military development and success in defending The Jewish State of Israel – by self – determination of the entire IDF. Unit cohesion solely rests on the auto – rejection of personal narcissism, and its immediate demands on command becomes more aware of the real importance of Israeli life, and thereby concentrating on developing more, and more advance combat self – preparations while at the same time they are training those who they command. Thus in unspoken words, unit cohesion is established, though humor and internal field of jokes are socially applied to relieve tensions and further comradeship at the same time.

This is the unifying machine of the Jewish State of Israel, and with each succeeding generations of most Israelis, the core of Sabras, undergoing, and likewise being behaviorally impacted, by the rigors of their training and experiences with the massive organization of the Israeli Defense Forces, their perceptions as being Israelis are increasingly being improved greater from father, and mother to son and daughter from the step up additional behavioral modification resultant by such experiences. The protections there within of the First and Second Principle of Jewish Faith have on their abilities at child rearing, and their further children children child rearing resulting culturally improved abilities. Ihe emergence of The Sabra Citizen its end result, and their growing central Israeli unity of their corresponding evolution of Sabra initiated cultures [ note the plural].

The turning point in developing a distinct Israeli Civilization revolves the on – going, and at times unknownally, and thus are facilitated by The protection of The First, Second, and Third Principles of Jewish Faith. One of its dynamics coming from ones effort of defending oneself as an Israeli, against those who seek to murder, and murder ones family, then nation. This is ” Ha’Mesorah B’AreZ Yisroel. “

The coin, its heads and tails. Or a seed which was planted B’AreZ.

Belief comes from observance. Thus this component is more spiritual centered.

Action comes from protective needs. Thus this component is more secular centered.


The real single importance of The Torah is in its affect upon each family unit to raise their children. Though practices of various spiritual rituals are always emphasized in promoting general observance to and within each community, the single aspect of raising one child stands alone as The Torah final importance. Beyond the normal day of communal interactions, and ones needed emotional drive to be member of a group, the closeness and loving attentions to ones own child is the most pure expression of ones own self-dedicated righteousness. Here narcissism does not exist as the tender emotional loving folds and passing on one’s knowledge as a parent for the single value of their loves and devotions likewise mirrors the love and devotions between husband and wife. It is here and here alone is where the centrality of Jewish life exists, as all form of narcissism are not allowed by the simple applications —- in varied forms of resulting observant behaviors — of the First, Second, and Third Principles of Jewish Faith. Thus all forms of physical divinity, or upon a global scene divinities are erased from any and all resulting aspects of Jewish life. More importantly, such principles likewise protects, in an idealistic world to come, the child from all future personal discourse of anxieties about ones self and ones place in society, and that society —Jewish/Israel— within a global stage.

There are other elements which likewise have similarly evolved since the development of present day Israel’s social, commercial, and cultural institutions which follows the same course of raising up an Israeli nationhood. None the less, there is another feature which likewise assume a secondary importance to Israel’s core values involve in its various self – dependent society’s effort in child rearing.

<pWhat has been long acknowledge by every major Israeli leader who under went service in the IDF is how their experiences of being trained, and in their leadership roles likewise further developing unit cohesion, created a focus on Israel’s future needs of social, cultural, and political various needs to have even stronger national cohesion. The conscious values implied pointed only to one direction and to one direction only, and its is here where the Thirteen Principle of Jewish Faith surface in their resulting cognitive perceptions and resulting by its impact on their own personal behaviors which reflected the Seventh Principle of Jewish Faith.

The primacy of the prophecy of Moses

The primacy of which is the current behaviors which has been exhibited by the Israeli leadership whose values as being leaders emerged from their successes of command in the IDF is so based in their objective humility and the ever constant need for maintain improve personal skills as leaders. Whether one is observant or atheists the single recognized fact of the existence of Moses can never be challenged. This critical perception in their full experience in the raising of their own child, children, and additional children in extended Jewish/Israeli families exposed the positive equivalence to how the First, Second, and Third Principles of Jewish Faith emerged as protective values in maintaining unit cohesion, and its additional benefits in raising up their own personal relationship base core of values within the full dynamics and self – dependence of their own families. The singular divestment of narcissistic behaviors within the chain of command which decrease death and injuries resulting from combat.

The actual rel life experience of knowing the very essence in a time in their duties in which a weapon is being aimed at a human being, squeezing the trigger, and then seeing in the distance ahead a puff of a pink cloud. The impact of taking a life, and its resulting impact on ones emotion, sometimes resulting in behavioral trauma, and further, thereafter, personal commitment to the defense of the Israeli nation. Moreover, their results in their further IDF services, as a direct result of this one experience, are all the more real in all the subsequent further preparations in their additional training skill sets, and their command responsibilities to insure the physical and mental heath of those who they command.

In personal reviews, at conferences, and additional constant discussions with their spouses the subject of command was always immediate in the saving of Israeli lives. In essence the IDF realizes the functional realities of command responsibilities to those who followed their commands in combat, their connections to the ” Primacy of Mosses.” A primacy which was not rooted in any derivation of command linked to any form of narcissism, but, by which leadership was by example of Mosses’s humility.

In review of most combat operations key points of interests of how Israeli victories were achieved surrounded a time in which both command and commands’ units for either a brief and continued moment of time surrender themselves to something which was greater than themselves. That cohesion was likewise linked to humility, and the essence of their military training took over, and the accuracy of their aim even more sharper as a direct result; the cornerstone of Israeli combat victories. What was forbidden is the attempt to link such victories to any superiority of the ethnicity of being an Israeli, but only reflective of the core values, the singularity of ones own family child rearing focus for the future ahead by which the Seventh Principle of Jewish Faith likewise became a protective manifestation.

Ever since the advent of the Yom Kippur War, and the realization that the Israeli state could lose a war with the combined efforts of its, then, existing Arab enemies, self reflection became all the more important in the subsequent aftermath of the end Israel IDF victory which saved Israel alone. Additional skill sets were developed, but it was the Israeli political scene which came into sharp focus on how to achieve one of Israel primary central goals, Peace.

None the less, with the establishment of varied agreed peace terms, the Israeli population grew, and the Israeli Haredim were coming into full focus, Moreover, The Allon Plan IDF Defense Plan July 1967 was largely implement by applying the objectives of Israeli Heradim in both Judea, and Samaria. This was cost effective as well. Israel security needs became increasingly urgent, and the internal growth population rates likewise demonstrated by the settled Israeli Haredim. It was the settled Israel Heredim in these areas which assisted in increased birth rates as the conscious emotional reflection that something was being pioneered had an immediate impact upon each family unit that there was something greater than their community.

.It was in direct confrontation and additional awareness of the impact of Radical Islam within the Middle East in which the need to take out, and thus not to have military deferments were absolutely necessary, and to preserve the Israeli Haredim their presence in their new settlements as part of this decision. Thus the time was right, and Israel no longer issued deferments it ends.

More importantly, the IDF was/is in position along with its traditional established organization principles and all their Jewish related linkages to have a greater initial impact upon the Israel Heradim than the Israeli Haredim will have upon the IDF until a point is reached in which command responsibilities becomes more of the Israeli Heradim in their additional filling out of IDF command structures. Then both the die is set, as the Primacy of Mosses are now established more fundamentally in the future direction of the Jewish State of Israel. It is at this point in the future history in which the National Jewish Peoples [ Peoples implies a diversity of cultural and social traditions. ] Liberation of The Torah will be likewise initiated by the full extent of the Protection therewith of the Seventh Principle of Jewish Faith.

What has to be understood by those who are reading this is that when such elements of the Thirteen Principle of Jewish Faith are implied and are cited what it really means is a direct ongoing dynamic within the Jewish State of Israel initiated by primary successful living experiences. The leading word ” living ” Authority within both Israel itself, or within the context of emerging institutions have been successful only by individual self – determination. Scholarly primacy as it applies to every norm developed by observance of The Thirteen Principles of Jewish Faith is one, and at times including additional influences, hopefully Jewish’ly centered, in which the personality undergoes a certain degree of behavioral modification. The experience within unit cohesion demonstrates clearly the objectives of becoming an effective soldier in the IDF that self – centered ego structures are dangerous, and thus must be rooted out. Then slowly over the period of ones training, the theoretical concepts of their total training are maintain, until, suddenly, the actual experience of combat reveals that ones life became immediately affected by the full process of ones training in real life saving ends.

Thereafter, along with the further sadden experience of taking a life, the consciousness of each personality trait full foresees the need of such principle, not by any degree of resulting narcissism based by victory, but by surrendering oneself to something which is greater than ones EGO!. What is at stake is the life of your fellow member of the unit in which one serves, the unit in which each is interdependent on the other for ones own life, the units place within the strategic command structure, and the total dependency of the future freedoms of the Jewish State of Israel are all interdependent on each other under those who are part of the central command of the IDF. Its the total comprehension of such command structures in which the real living image of ones own personality involved in the command process which likewise foresees the dilemmas of command once faced by Moses himself. They realize that their importance is never above that of those who they command, but the importance rest upon the single total unit cohesion of the central importance of life of each of its member soldier in total equalitive terms. Unit cohesion, as the revolving door of those who enter service, and those who leave to become the IDF reserves within this process, and interdependent additional connections thereafter mounts the more successful Israel is able to defend its liberation mission of World Jewry with each additional year.

The political standard which is likewise being similarly modified comes from a direct result of those within the command structure once their tenure of commanded is coming to an end. It is the dynamics of the importance of the individual life, their ability to maintain and to safeguard the lives of those who fighting on the front lines in the defense of the Jewish State of Israel where they accurately envisioned cross over challenges within the political culture of the Jewish Centered State. Here their perceptions are also modified by the acknowledgement that the military structures in which they command is based upon the self – determination of each of its members upon their end of active service into the reserves. The expectation of each serving member projects additional responsibility as citizen [ both Jewish and Non – Jewish ] after active service.

Those who once command, their experiences, especially under the hammer of war. have varied degrees of cognition of their own sets of personal self -controls at critical time vestige by the humility of Mosses, thus connecting, at times unknown to The Seventh Principle of Jewish Faith. Therein are their own accounts of struggle to make the right command decision, and the additional elements of how one faith likewise was involved in such commands as a result. Waiting in their bunkers or center of command pacing up and down with fear of the possible loss of Israeli lives, sweat rolling down their foreheads, and at times over drinking the available coffee, waiting to hear the outcome of their ordered engagements. All of which is experienced by those who command in the IDF, as well as all other armies in the free world. Prophecy and command success is not a factor of faith, but a factor in which was carried out by those who followed the commands they were issued. The degree of command success is based on ones self – control and in a Jewish sense that self – control is likewise linked to the Primacy and Prophecy of Mosses. The linkage is humility, the out come victory, and the degree of trained self – controls, the acknowledged ousting of narcissist behaviors, and all subsequent training from entry into the IDF, to being commissioned as IDF officers all the way to command, and in the action of command singularly surrounded the protections, along with their Jewish Faith Principles, therein provide by unit cohesion. The final basis of unit cohesion is the step ladder to command, and there fore it is also the step over into the political arena as well proven by elections alone. It is such elections by which those who served in the IDF are more committed in making their votes counts, and what the office seeker must be able to submit as the single reason why they should be elected, and thus in the course of elections there exposes their military records all of which will focus on the varied combat death rates linked to their command choices.   It is here and here alone where the Seventh Principle of The Jewish Faith is enjoined in the political evolution of the Jewish State of Israel. Upon examination of varied commands during both crisis and war, it is the measure of command self – controls which denotes lower combat related deaths, often command inclusion of Jewish related faith beliefs as part of command orders. It is those who will elect them into office, often veterans of the IDF, who are spouses in families who have children, and that in the selection of who they vote for will have the extending importance of the security of their own children future and life become all the more critical in choice, or self – determination of the direction of the nation, and nothing else!


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