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Mission, or why this web site:

Based upon interviews( since 1973 ) of both Arab – Palestinians, and Israeli Students, and an American co – joined interviews of Jewish and Non-Jewish students at various institutions of higher education within Western, New York, and Ontario, Canada, this is the working perception of the realities which exist within the Middle- East.

It was from an article by Avramham Burg, The End of Zionism, republished in The Independent Media, Monday, September 15, 2003, from an article first published in The Guardian, which got me going on this project. Of course I wrote the only reaction, though sad’ly un-editied, to this, see

Moreover, and largely additional information from International Student/Scholars, agian within higher education of Western, New York, the central evidences [ there are many ], and informaion reguarding Israel to the Arabs’ and Israelis’ interviews, espeically from those who recieved their under graduate education in the Soviet Union. This comparison revealed a deeper and darker side. This under-lined the real danger in Mr. Avramham Burg’s statements, and other similar articles within both the present media, and espeically in the internet Independent Media it self. The follow through studies, as a result of all the interviews, which dictated the direction of research, as above proved to be shocking.

Foremost discovery was a critical and alarming Judaic studies conducted by the Soviet Union on who or what are The Jewish Peoples’, initiated by Joseph Stalin, who faced a personal anxiety of acquiring a Jewish son – in – law, by his daughter’s marriage, and subsequently calling his grandson Jewish. Later on, while Arab students attending Moscow University’s Patrice Lumumba University were being educated in the Soviet Union’s esulting vesion of Judaic studies and were shared, alomg with their highly charged anti – Jewish superstitions; and assisted in the early crafted development of the Soviet pedagogic alumni [ iwho were already in key governmental posts through out the developiong / third world ] linkages to the infamous Anti – Zioinist Resolution which achieve its histroic first success at the Student Assembly Patrice Lumumba University; this was the basis/foundation of the infamous UN Anti – Zionis Resolution.

What these studies also revealed is that in essence, there is a sort of collective vulnerablitiy which was found within the ” Jewish Nature ” from a traditional yearning for justice and peace, as well as in the spiritual and secular dynamcis of humanisms which is associated by the nurturing socio-cultural affects caused by the study of The Torah. That in essence, by creating a perceptual view of a prolific in-justice, such as with the prime example of the Palestinians, have had the affect of disarming the intended focus of the propaganda, the Jewish Peoples collective voice for self-justice, and personal defense, or securities; and to further cause errosion of Jewish ” rights ” to self – determination as a result. Moreover, this is deliberate, in as much as, initiates a process which in the end is intended to auto-separate, strategically, the Jewish Peoples from former friends. The bonus, is that it creates a cadre of Jewish apologist towards the Palestinains, and thus people like Burg are reward. The imposition of present Anti-Israeli Propaganda, which emeged from this process alone has crippled the issue for Jewish survival within a speicific Jewish context of self-determination; and is then lost within the Non-Jewish perception as a result causing the reemrgence of Modern Anti – Semitisms. Note the plural, as the Arabs are not now aware that in the promtoion of Anti – Israeli propaganda, they have thrown themselves in similar peril of eventual discrimination. What did not occur on the Israeli side, is that in confrontation with the crafted political styles and positions presented in the on-going Arab views in support of Palestinian claims, the Israelis should have close with The Torah, by extendening The Torah to the Palestinians-in every instance of relationships, or actions, most of all the guranteed protections of their lives, and guarded liberities.

What is not known by American academia, nor for that fact Israeli educators, is that these Soviet studies are used by all most all Arab Universities on how Middle East: History, Religions, Peoples, and Societies are taught to future Arab leaders-both in the secular domains, as well as in the religious. The ripple affecta can be maped in Arabic inspired renewed European Anti-Jewish propaganda, especially in France.

The only real postulate one can precieve as a means to form a collective resistance is both simple, but the out come highly complex.

The formula is…..

Zionism as The National Liberation of the Jewish Peoples, and where as The Torah is the basis of being Jewish, and where as the interpretation of The Torah has created a substantial legal work called The Talmud. The formula is clear.

The National Jewish Liberation of The Torah.

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