The Historic Forensics, DNA of Erez Yisroel

The following page is the listings of various accurate research in the DNA discoveries which are being made within the region of Erez Yiroel. What they indicate is that there now exist ” A Unified Ethnic Judean / Israeli Nation Under the Jewish State of Israel fait accompli/ ”


There have been cross referencing [ which is central to have access to Vatican Libraries, as well as those in Medina ] in various historic data that the Rural population of Judeans never vacated their homes all during the First, Second and Third Revolts against the Roman occupation and have remained since. In additional and the major emerging evidence is in the Historic Forensics,DNA, of the existing populations, the Israelis, Arabs living in the West Bank and a large segment of the Kurdish Peoples.


So, as far as male lineage goes, the genetic story is very clear. Palestinians and Jews are virtually indistinguishable. – See more at:

historic-forensics-dna-israel-information-center-ithaca-1001…… Historic Forensic Study 1001 ……