The Jewish Era of The Fourth Jewish Revolt

” B. H. ”
The Fourth Jewish Revolt is now.
History are the Intellectual spoils of the Victor. The rewards of Jewish Rights Advocacy led this Veteran to comprehend the real lie of not only the Vietnam War but even more graphically the reality and discoveries of Anti – Jewish Superstitions — which impelled the rise of the Nationalists doctrine of Moses Hess that positive seeds were planted in Erez Yisroel to foster the awakening of the Jewish Nation of Israel.
To the Administers, and membership of this group always note that Israel existence should never depend on the Balfour Declaration / Agreement, but solely dependent upon the human rights of Middle East Jewry to Self – Determination. That the behavior of the Arabs between 1012 to 1948, and of which focused in their Arab Revolt of 1935 which in its Anti – Jewish dynamics validated then, 1935 — but had to wait until 1948 — the establishment of the Jewish State of Israel.

The cause of their Arab  1935 revolt was they, as their roles as self – appointed masters over Jewry for just being Arabs were completely upset of having to deal with Jews on a ‘ human ‘ even plain of business, personal rights, owning private property, and most of all their — Islamic leaders — fears they had once Middle East Jewry rediscovers who they are. The Arab unknown anxiety both to themselves and to World Jewry.
Why ?
The Fourth Jewish Revolt.
A revolt against the unwritten alliance between European and Middle East powers to subjugate World Jewry to be the servants of their respected civilizations covenanted by their at times promotions of Anti – Jewish Superstitions, and laying the foundations of Genocide as a Form of State Craft. The object of which is to deny the Jewish Peoples self – discoveries, and of which the greater Jewish heritage discoveries are not in the past but what awaits being Jewish in the future.

Such superstitions were created by The Roman Empire alone and authored at Nicaea via the Nicaean Council 325. Thus the beginnings of promoting Jewry as servants, and new religious ethos to hold a larger Non – Roman populations under Ronan control and Rome greatly benefitted by existing for another two hundred years.
Both the Arab and European Worlds comprehended what happen in Nicaea in 325, but more importantly so did Moses Hess as he wrote Rome and Jerusalem. This is not lost by Academia as well in their alliances to the Arab World by establishing Palestine as part of their pedagogic Neo – Colonialists missions.
The Fourth Jewish Revolt is now.
By liberation is the future undiscovered Jewish Nation of Israel.
The Jewish Diaspora
Each Jewish Community existence has been clearly defined in the follow essay, as it focuses on the existing realities which are the target essentials in fostering a Jewish community level revolt for American ‘ National ‘ success in being Jewish in the diaspora.
What will always be indicated is that in democracies each Jewish community must — for the sake of their existence and future success — are immediately obligated in the common defense of such democracies with first person partnerships..
In The United States:

Thus participation – commitment to ones local community National Guard and Reservists is the initiation point in which Jewish communities are more able to develop a common broader trusts with the communities they reside.
There is the key factor in which self defense capacity and common trusts becomes the single avenue in which a revolt against enforced marginalization for being Jewish is thereby personally resolved – by those who participates in their local communities defense; and most if all ‘ a highly visible public center ‘ National ‘ service which reflects core Jewish central values ‘ ,
Thus as one studies the follow included linked essay one is also able to comprehend more graphically that to continued in ones Jewish success one also must able to defend ones success once achieved, Thus the revolt in diaspora becomes the advocacy of Jewish Rights as common resistance by self – determination to remain Jewish.
Thus to fight this — the essay lead to a book — one must also comprehend what author has missed.
What is covert assimilation, and the American National Jewish Rights Agenda it impels.
[ November 25, 2019 – the addition of an exploratory scenario to connect to The Fourth Jewish Revolt in Israel through the focus on the Mitzvah as a Honor Citizen Role Model of The United States. This is to create a creative environment of needed ideas base upon present available evidence. Link as per … ]

Once American Jewry is symbolized in ‘ National Service ‘ as equal to Jewish Israelis in The Israeli Defense Forces, then, and only then assimilation of American Jewry will stop as ‘ National Service ‘ will spearhead resistance to assure quality Jewish lifestyles are all vested in the rearing of one’s Jewish child thereby followed by increase American Jewish birth rates.

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