The Search for ‘ An Objective ‘ Jewish American Agenda of Inherited Jewish Ethnic ‘ Centered ‘ Rights.

Since it’s emergence during The 1970s The North American Jewish Students’ Network under  The World Union of Jewish Students [ Who also promoted its development from Israel ] then based in Arad, Israel launched within the enormous cultural campus revolutions Students / Scholars activism of the 70s inserted a successful campus Jewish Rights agenda,


The points of this agenda was to;

Promoted campus Jewish Studies Academic Programs, and Official Departments;

Kosher dining facilities;

Closure on Jewish High ‘ Holy Days ‘.

and special attentions on joint programs between American, and Israeli based academia.

Their off campus agenda.

Alternatives in Jewish Education;

and a Jewish Students Press Service.

Their efforts also reached out to strengthen its Inter – Campus Connections via being Pro _ Active Israel connected by launching [ As per Conference, April, 1975,  at Zionist known BeTar Camp Ramah. ] The ‘ National Israeli Awareness Week set in April 1976. This saw 242 American and Canadian Campuses participating.


Moreover the launching of the Foundation for Arab Israeli Reconciliation.

This group, NAJSN, dissipated after distractions which caused its loss of focus to pioneering Jewish Rights. Moreover, most charity based American Jewish Institutions were anxious about their suspicion Network was Marxist inspired.

Network’s was not. Though the concern was what was Economic Justice instead – they had brilliant future economists who debunked Marxism totally.


With this their ‘ historic ‘ impact had about a 50 to 60 percent success in expanding campus programs to be Jewish Life Style proactive. Though there were loses after the economic negative ripples triggered by American inflations following OPEC’s infamous oil crude massive increased prices following their successful ‘ Oil Boycott. ” As a result American academia was forced to cut programs due to their economic loses in funding.

None the less, academia slowly recovered, and in the wake of the history of its recovery, a loss of secular independent Jewish Students / Scholars active campus based organizations..

Then came Facebook – along with it’s success based upon the academic foundations emergence of cultural narcissist appeal which Facebook, then,  rode its Students / Scholars self – egotists awakenings.

Thus the emergence of The Jewish Cyber – space which sought out right their eventual focused on varied parts of how American Jewry was to transcend the full socio-cultural and socio-political impact of a highly enveloping technologies affecting their own Jewish – centric very private lives within America as a whole.

Thus the following is the need of how one is to remedy the following specifically:


Covert Assimilation.

Its the largely academic role to promote assimilation of Jewish Students . Scholars by diminishing Jewish Life Styles on their respected campuses, The real disaster occurs with the private sector where careers behaviors to succeed follows up on the academic encourage process of assimilation of the Jewish Peoples to become servants of their non – Jewish Causes, Both are linked by Private Sector Capital Interests.


Covert Conversions.

Exploiting the full range of very, very, very graphic Jewish cultural icons and cultures as a mask to bring World Jewry into another faith. Key references that one must obey ” ” is their central ruse once the mask has indoctrinated a loyalty to their messages..

In a free world being Jewish must never be forced to seek, covertly distracted, or diminish ones Jewish self in to any form of acceptance finding within the larger Non – Jewish World.