University of Haifa

Internship Opportunities by Organization

Relevant majors are listed at the end of each listing. Please refer to the Key of Majors

Insightec Insightec is an Israeli high-tech company specializing in non-invasive treatments, the pioneer and leader in guided focused ultrasound technology for image guided acoustic surgery. The student intern will be part of the International Marketing and Public Relations Department. (MKTG, PR, COMS)

Syneron Syneron Medical Ltd (NASDAQ: ELOS) Ltd. is the leading global aesthetic device company with a comprehensive product portfolio and a global distribution footprint. The Intern will be part of the International Marketing Department at Syneron, joining the online marketing team and engage in online activities from both marketing and technical perspectives.  (MKTG, PR, COMS)

Office of the Spokesperson, University of Haifa The internship involves working with staff of the office of the spokesperson. Responsibilities include preparing press releases, conferences, the Haifa University English magazine and the Board of Governors meeting. Basic courses in journalism and/or public relations and some experience in writing for a school newspaper or something comparable required. Knowledge of spoken Hebrew desirable, but not necessary. (MKTG, PR, COMS)

Marketing Department, International School The student will be part of the team responsible for social media implementation and activities. The main role of the intern will be to define, develop and implement the “every student has a story” marketing and social media campaign for their semester.  This campaign will highlight individual students and their unique stories and publish them via social media as well as the International School website. Hebrew knowledge is not necessary. (MKTG, PR, COMS)

Isha L’Isha (Haifa Feminist Center) The organization deals with advancing the status of women in Israel through fundraising, preparation of educational materials and general community work. The organization works with Arab, Ethiopian and Russian Immigrant, as well as Israeli women. This internship requires the ability to function independently in a dynamic setting. Courses in Women’s Studies, Sociology or Psychology are desirable. Basic computer skills are needed. Knowledge of Hebrew would be a benefit, but not a pre-requisite.  (COMS, PR, NP)

Isha L’Isha-Russian Language Division The Russian Language Division of the Haifa Feminist Center works primarily with victims of human trafficking. Knowledge of Russian is a benefit. (PR, NP)

Shelter for Battered Women The shelter provides emergency short-term housing and treatment for Arab and Jewish women and children. The internship involves organizing social activities for the children at the center. Conversational Hebrew or Arabic skills required. Experience working with children desirable. (COMS, ED, PR)

Ofakim School for Children with Cerebral Palsy (Hebrew Site) The school provides special services such as speech therapy, physiotherapy and vocational therapy. The intern, depending on his/her background, works with the staff in one or more of these areas. A basic knowledge of spoken Hebrew and experience in special education or in any of the therapies used at the school are desirable. (ED, SEd)

Michah – Society for the Education of Deaf Children The Center provides diagnosis and guidance for hearing impaired children and their families. The intern works in direct treatment together with the staff. A basic knowledge of spoken Hebrew and/or sign language necessary, experience in special education or speech therapy desired. (SEd)

Shatil – Support Project for Voluntary Organizations The organization provides training, consultation and coalition building assistance to organizations dealing with Arab-Jewish Relations and social change organizations. The interns assist the organization in grant writing, fund raising, website maintenance, research projects and program evaluations. Basic computer skills are required, no knowledge of Hebrew necessary. (COMS, PR, NP)

Department of Archaeology, University of Haifa Interns will have the opportunity to work with faculty members in the Department on various projects and participate in archaeological digs. Must be an archaeology major or have taken a number of archaeology courses. No knowledge of Hebrew required. (ARC)

Department of Maritime Civilizations, University of Haifa The archaeology and history of the Ancient Near East and Mediterranean Bronze Age: seafaring, urbanization, ceramic analysis, and cross-cultural interconnections. Opportunities for fieldwork and laboratory analysis. Experience is preferred but not essential. Must have completed introductory level courses in archaeology and/or ancient history. No knowledge of Hebrew required. (ARC)

The Reuben and Edith Hecht Museum, University of Haifa The museum has a large collection of archaeological material from ancient Israel and neighboring countries. The internship will involve setting up exhibits and categorizing material. Introductory courses in Archaeology or Ancient History required. No knowledge of Hebrew necessary. (ARC, ART)

Haifa Municipal Museum: the Gallery This internship involves working with the staff of the museum setting up exhibits and writing and editing catalogues of exhibits. Courses in Museum Studies and/or Art History required. Basic knowledge of spoken Hebrew desired, but not necessary.(ART)

Economic Empowerment for Women  Economic Empowerment for Women (EEW) assists women in opening their own small businesses. The goal of the organization is to bring about economic change for women in Israel through a multi-level approach that includes: assisting small business development; broadening public policy, and the development of need-specific programs for diverse populations. EEW is a feminist organization committed to assisting women from the disadvantaged sectors of society. Involves grant writing and English publication. No Hebrew needed. (BUS, ECO, PR)

Kav L’Oved   An organization helping foreign workers in Israel through legal advice and counseling services. Requires fluency in Hebrew. (COMS, LAW, NP)

Association for Civil Rights in Israel ACRI is an NGO committed to promoting the universality of human rights and defending the human rights and civil liberties of all, regardless of religion, nationality, gender, ethnicity, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic background. ACRI is Israel’s oldest and largest human rights organization and the only one dealing with the entire spectrum of rights and civil liberties issues in Israel. Arabic Language desired. Involves work on planning educational materials. (LAW, NP, SW)

Bnei Zion Genetic Counseling Clinic The clinic deals with genetic counseling and research. The intern will be involved in research projects and direct work with the staff and with clients of the clinic. Courses in biology and genetics are required. Knowledge of spoken Hebrew is necessary.(H&M)

Shadowing an Israeli Doctor The internship involves working in a large urban hospital, shadowing a medical professional. The work involves direct care under the supervision of the medical staff. In addition there are possibilities of research in hospital administration. The internship is suitable for a pre-medical student with some clinical experience. Knowledge of Hebrew is helpful, but not essential. (H&M)

Ecological Studies Department, University of Haifa Participation in field research in the areas of Aquatic Ecology, Community Ecology and Conservation Biology. The intern will function as a member of a research team in these areas. Basic courses in ecology and/or biology required. No knowledge of Hebrew necessary. (BIO, ENV)

Wydra Institute for the Research of Maritime and Aviation Studies The Wydra Institute conducts research in maritime studies and modern marine problems. The intern will integrate with the staff in their projects. Basic courses in International Commerce or Maritime Studies required. No knowledge of Hebrew necessary. Basic computer skills needed. (BIO)

University of Haifa Library Working with the staff of the library in all areas. Majoring in library science and basic computer skills is necessary and a knowledge of spoken and written Hebrew is desirable, but not required. (LSC)

Beit Hachesed-House of Grace;task=view&id=47 The House of Grace, founded  in 1982 by Kamil and Agnes Shehede, was the first ever half way house for released prisoners in Israel. However while today the House serves both youth and low-income families, in addition to released prisoners, it all began with the simple act of hospitality. The House of Grace is officially recognized by the Israel Prison’s Authority. Interns can serve in a large variety of positions, depending on their skills.(COMS, ECO, Ed, PR, SOC, SW)

Kayan Feminist Organization Kayan was founded in 1998 by Arab feminist women with the goal of advancing the status of Arab women in Israel and protecting their rights. Kayan’s singular approach is to focus on grassroots capacity building that eliminates barriers to self-realization for individual woman and exerts a transformative effect throughout society.(COMS, GS, NP, PSY, PR)

Amcha Founded in 1987 by a group of devoted Holocaust survivors and mental health professionals, Amcha focuses on non-material, psychosocial and largely preventive support, rather than on mental health treatment. The goal was to create a framework for Holocaust survivor’s for mutual aid, memory processing and grief resolution, as well as a place where survivors and their families could feel at home and be understood. (NP, PR, POLI, SW)

Enosh Enosh was established to promote the welfare and rights of people dealing with psychiatric disabilities and to raise awareness to the subject of mental health. Enosh is the largest and leading organization providing quality rehabilitation services. (NP, POLI, SW)

Hiyot Hiyot is a non-profit organization founded by a group of Ethiopian woman to promote educational and social projects for the Ethiopian community in Israel. (Ed, NP, PR)

Green Course Students for the Environment GREEN COURSE is Israel’s largest environmental volunteer organization, with thousands of student volunteers in 19 chapters on campuses across Israel. Through GREEN COURSE, students are active in education and media projects to raise public awareness for environmental issues. (ENV)

Big Brothers Big Sisters Association Haifa Big Brothers Big Sisters is a voluntary organization, established in Haifa in 1973, and is based on a model of an international organization originating in the U.S. in 1904, and now acting in many countries around the world. The purpose of the organization is to assist and contribute to the education and proper development of children growing up in single-parent families, between the ages of 6 – 16, by providing “big brother” or “big sister” that serve as a model for identification. (ED, SW, SOC)

Nitzan Volunteer organization for young adults with learning disabilities. (Ed, SEd)

Leo Baeck School Leo Baeck Education Center, is a pluralistic education center rooted in the humanistic values of Progressive Judaism and committed to the founders’ vision that the State of Israel be a force for good in the world, is one of Israel’s finest institutions of values-based academic excellence, community outreach and social action. The intern will be working with the Department of International relations to support fundraising activities, including writing letters to donors, newsletters and public relations. (COMS, MKTG, NP, PR)

Yad Ezer Lechaver Yad Ezer Lechaver works to help to alleviate the suffering of Israel’s large and ever growing populationof hungry and needy people, through the provision of food and other services. Yad Ezer L’Haver was founded in 2001 by Baruch Sabag and his brother Shimon, who had been in a serious car accident. Following his remarkable recovery, he decided to devote what he saw as the gift of life, and he and Baruch set themselves the task of helping to alleviate suffering of hungry and needy people in a time of increased economic pressure and distress. (NP, SW, SOC)

IFLAC (The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace) IFLAC is a voluntary Association that strives for peace by building bridges of understanding and peace through culture, literature and communication. IFLAC is founded and directed by Writer Ada Aharoni (Ph.D), since 1999. (PS, NP)

Aswat-Palestinian Lesbian Association Aswat – Palestinian Gay Women (Haifa, Israel) provides a safe space and serves as a critical resource for Palestinian women who self-identify as lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, transgender or intersex. They raise the profile of Palestinian gay women’s issues and address the intersections of gender, sexuality and nationality through education, media and advocacy. Aswat was honored with the International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission’s 2006 Felipa de Souza Award.(GS, PR, POLI, SW)

Dan Carmel Hotel The Dan Carmel is one of Haifa’s most exclusive hotels. Recently, renovated the hotel is centrally located in the Carmel Center. It is a member of the Dan Hotels Israel, which includes the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and the Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv. The intern will be working at the reception desk. (HM)

Haifa Theatre (Hebrew Site)The Haifa Theatre is a municipal theatre. The intern will be involved in behind the scenes aspects of work in a large theatre such as costuming, lighting and make-up. Major in theatre studies required. Basic knowledge of spoken Hebrew desirable, but not necessary. (T)

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